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Dean Mantz

TileMill | Fast and beautiful maps - 18 views

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Dean Mantz

MapStory : Welcome! - 31 views

    This is an interesting approach to visualize information while trying to tell it in a story format. 
Fred Delventhal

Animaps - Create and view beautifully informative animated maps, for free! - 21 views

    "Create and view beautifully informative animated maps, for free!"
Dean Mantz

Submarine Sim for Google Ocean | Google Earth Blog - 18 views

  • Submarine Sim for Google Ocean
    Learn to use virtual submarine in Google Earth 5.
Dean Mantz

Scribble Maps - Draw on google maps with scribblings and more! - 0 views

    With Scribble Maps you can:
    - Draw shapes and Scribble!
    - Place Markers and text
    - Create a Custom Widget
    - Save as KML/GPX
    - Send maps to friends
Fred Delventhal - where the words go - 0 views

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    * What is a walk?
    * What are tags?
    * What is the Twilight Zone?
    * Why no photos or videos, just voice?

    Recording and uploading

    * How do I record and share an echo?
    * How do I give recorder permanent permission to use microphone?
    * I've got a .wav audio file how can I upload it?
    * How do I encode audios to mp3?

    Managing echoes

    * How many echoes can I create?
    * How do I place an echo on its exact location?
    * How do I change an echo license?
    * How do I change an echo location?
    * How can I change the title of an echo?
    * How can I delete an echo?

    Using the site

    * How do I register?
    * How do I find echoes from some place?
    * How can I keep favorites?


    * How do I contact another user?
    * What should I do if I find an offensive or illegal echo?


    * Is Woices free?
    * Can I modify or redistribute any echo?
    * Which kind of license do my echoes have?


    * Can I help translating to my mother language?
    * Will you go GPS?
    * Problems playing echoes and walks?
    * How do I report bugs or feedback about woices?

    What is a walk?

    Registered users can group some of their echoes and create a walk. A walk is a collection of related echoes, usually geographically close so that they can be listened in sucession (during a 'walk'). Walks are dynamic since users can keep adding or removing echoes from their walks.
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