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Jennifer Dorman

31 Days to Building a Better Blog - 0 views

    To put it most simply - it's a month long series of posts here at ProBlogger designed to walk you through 31 tasks that you can do to make your blog better. You can read more about how the project works and how to participate in my introduction to the project.
Jennifer Dorman

SimplyBox - Think Inside the Box - 0 views

    Quickly and visually share with your students/colleagues a world of educational content the Web offers - engage them!
Randy Rodgers

gettingtrickywithwikis - home - 0 views

    Tons of tips for using and getting the most from wikis.
Jennifer Dorman

Ecto - Welcome! - 0 views

    EctoLearning is also a full Learning Management System (LMS) with attendance tracking, grade book, and a sophisticated assessment engine including the use of rubrics based evaluations.
Jennifer Dorman

Blern - - 0 views

    News and blog articles that are tailored to you.
    Obscure or popular: articles recommended are based on what you like
    Discover new voices and sources of news, opinions, reviews and more
    Save time while seeing more content you enjoy
Jennifer Dorman

quickr pickr - 0 views

    quicker way to post Flickr images, generate HTML code, and post them to web sites
Jennifer Dorman

Joggle - We've got something to share with you - 0 views

    the smartest and easiest way to manage your growing collection of digital photos, music or videos - no matter where you keep it. Joggle lets you simply see and arrange everything on one screen without having to click through multiple folders or login to multiple sites
Jennifer Dorman

Primary Source Learning - 0 views

    Inviting Learners to Read, Think, and Use their Knowledge
Jennifer Dorman

CamStudio - Free Screen Recording Software - 0 views

    CamStudio 2.5 Beta
Jennifer Dorman

Mathway - 0 views

    Step-by-Step Math Problem Solver
Jennifer Dorman

Welcome to PrimaryAccess - 0 views

    PrimaryAccess is a web-based tool that offers teachers and students frictionless access to digital images and materials that enable them to construct compelling personal narratives.
Fred Delventhal

How to Master Screencasts in Seven Steps - Mashable - 0 views

    Making screencasts (also known as "video tutorials") is already easy, and becomes easier with better tools and broadband proliferation. However, no tech is complete without a human who dives in, does experiments, and discerns best practices from the results.
Fred Delventhal - where the words go - 0 views

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    * What is a walk?
    * What are tags?
    * What is the Twilight Zone?
    * Why no photos or videos, just voice?

    Recording and uploading

    * How do I record and share an echo?
    * How do I give recorder permanent permission to use microphone?
    * I've got a .wav audio file how can I upload it?
    * How do I encode audios to mp3?

    Managing echoes

    * How many echoes can I create?
    * How do I place an echo on its exact location?
    * How do I change an echo license?
    * How do I change an echo location?
    * How can I change the title of an echo?
    * How can I delete an echo?

    Using the site

    * How do I register?
    * How do I find echoes from some place?
    * How can I keep favorites?


    * How do I contact another user?
    * What should I do if I find an offensive or illegal echo?


    * Is Woices free?
    * Can I modify or redistribute any echo?
    * Which kind of license do my echoes have?


    * Can I help translating to my mother language?
    * Will you go GPS?
    * Problems playing echoes and walks?
    * How do I report bugs or feedback about woices?

    What is a walk?

    Registered users can group some of their echoes and create a walk. A walk is a collection of related echoes, usually geographically close so that they can be listened in sucession (during a 'walk'). Walks are dynamic since users can keep adding or removing echoes from their walks.
Jennifer Dorman

Fair Use and the Future of the Commons | HASTAC - 0 views

    "With fear, uncertainty and misinformation dominating the discourse of copyright and intellectual property, fair use has become one of the most vexing issues in today's academic landscape. What can we do to demystify its mysteries and debunk its supposed dangers?"
Amanda Youngblood

Multicolr Search Lab - Idée Inc. - 0 views

    Search for Flickr images by color - very cool application
    Choose a color (or more) and it loads images with that color scheme from Flickr. Great if you're teaching color and making collages or if you just want color coordinated wallpaper
Jennifer Dorman

Interactives - 0 views

    "Interactives" provides educators and students with strategies, content, and activities that can enhance and improve students' skills in a variety of curricular areas.
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