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Dean Mantz

Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction - - 9 views

  • On YouTube, “you can get a whole story in six minutes,” he explains. “A book takes so long. I prefer the immediate gratification.
  • Researchers say the lure of these technologies
  • is particularly powerful for young peopl
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  • Their brains are rewarded
  • not for staying on task but for jumping to the next thing
  • I am trying to take back their attention from their BlackBerrys and video games,” he says. “To a degree, I’m using technology to do it
  • Last semester, his grade point average was 2.3 after a D-plus in English and an F in Algebra II. He got an A in film critique. “He’s a kid caught between two worlds,” said Mr. Reilly — one that is virtual and one with real-life demands.
Rob Jacklin

Attention and distraction - elearnspace - 0 views

    Designing Choreographies for the "New Economy of Attention" is an interesting discussion of attention and distraction. You may not agree with their core argument - that we need to choreograph technologies that are under the control of learners (such as back channels) in a manner similar to how we organize more traditional classroom components - but the approach of blocking software and banning mobiles/laptops in classrooms is simply not sustainable. Today's reality of connectedness is dramatically different from what existed even ten years ago. Banning is at best a short term solution that will isolate and agitate the very group education is expected to serve. The battle for control of information and interaction has already been won by "the individual". Organizations, governments, and universities that have not yet recognized this may continue to limp along for a while…but their current stance is not tenable.
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