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Math Trainer - Multiplication - 7 views

    Quick easy way to practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts.
Trevor Cunningham

SpeakPipe - listen to your customers - 3 views

    Add voicemail to your webpage. Works in Moodle!
Trevor Cunningham

There May Not Be an App for That - Whole Child Education - 103 views

  • I know now the secret to using any piece of technology in the classroom is to begin with clear learning goals and intentions that are based on "big understandings." O
    • Trevor Cunningham
      The very foundational theme of using technology for empowerment and broadcasting voice. The true value of iPads is not their capacity for exploration, but for their function as creation tools
Martin Burrett

CoSketch - Online Whiteboard Collaboration - 117 views

    A collaborate real-time whiteboard. Just share the link to invite others to the board. Upload images, draw and discuss your work using the chat bar.
Martin Burrett

Number bonds worksheets - 47 views

    Create a 'number bonds to...' worksheet. The sheets can be customised by choosing which number to total to.
Martin Burrett

Chinese vocabulary - 56 views

    A well made Mandarin resource for kids. Choose a topic page then hover over the objects to see the characters and pinyin and hear the pronunciation.
Martin Burrett

Bug Race - 49 views

    A competitive 2-player adding game. The game can be customised by choosing the size of the numbers to add.
Cameron Bell

Screen Capture Utilities for Macintosh - 90 views

    List of Screen Capture programs for Mac
Jac Londe - the encyclopedia of painting - 6 views

shared by Jac Londe on 14 May 12 - No Cached
    • Jac Londe
      Art Visuel - Visual Art - A wiki site about paintings - Un site Wiki sur la peinture
Steven Engravalle

Technology Integration Matrix - 12 views

    A very good one-stop shopping spot for short video clips about how teachers are using technology in their classrooms. It is split out by grades, and then subject areas. Pass it on to anyone, but especially those teachers who ask you, "So, how do I get started using technology in my practice?" Great ideas.
    Another one to think about is SAMR:
Steve Ransom

The fantasies driving school reform: A primer for education graduates - The Answer Shee... - 5 views

  • Richard Rothstein
  • In truth, this conventional view relies upon imaginary facts.
  • Let me repeat: black elementary school students today have better math skills than white students did only twenty years ago.

  • ...11 more annotations...
  • As a result, we’ve wasted 15 years avoiding incremental improvement, and instead trying to upend a reasonably successful school system.

  • But the reason it hasn’t narrowed is that your profession has done too good a job — you’ve improved white children’s performance as well, so the score gap persists, but at a higher level for all.
  • Policymakers, pundits, and politicians ignore these gains; they conclude that you, educators, have been incompetent because the test score gap hasn’t much narrowed.
  • If you believe public education deserves greater support, as I do, you will have to boast about your accomplishments, because voters are more likely to aid a successful institution than a collapsing one.
  • In short, underemployment of parents is not only an economic crisis — it is an educational crisis. You cannot ignore it and be good educators.
  • equally important educational goals — citizenship, character, appreciation of the arts and music, physical fitness and health, and knowledge of history, the sciences, and literature.
  • If you have high expectations, your students can succeed regardless of parents’ economic circumstances.

    That is nonsense.

  • health insurance; children are less likely to get routine and preventive care that middle class children take for granted
  • If they can’t see because they don’t get glasses to correct vision difficulties, high expectations can’t teach them to read.
  • Because education has become so politicized, with policy made by those with preconceptions of failure and little understanding of the educational process, you are entering a field that has become obsessed with evaluating only results that are easy to measure, rather than those that are most important. But as Albert Einstein once said, not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted, counts.
  • To be good educators, you must step up your activity not only in the classroom, but as citizens. You must speak up in the public arena, challenging those policymakers who will accuse you only of making excuses when you speak the truth that children who are hungry, mobile, and stressed, cannot learn as easily as those who are comfortable.
    An important read for anyone who truly wants to understand what's really important in education and the false reform strategies of our current (and past) administration.

Math Games - Fun Online & Free Maths Games for Kids in Elementary 2nd Grade 3rd 4th - 4 views

    Tremendous list of skills practiced here.
Susan Harari

Read, write, think persuasion map - 116 views

    Create a persuasion map online with this simple resource to plan an argument.
    Graphic organizer for creating thesis statement, supporting evidence, conclusion. Good for group work on Activboard.
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