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Bob Rowan

Rutgers Video on Plagiarism - 4 views

    Resources for teaching Plagiarism from Rutgers University, shared by Gretchen Schroeder in Spring 2009, with the following caveat: "There are a couple of things in the "Quiz" video that are not precisely accurate e.g. they don't cover common knowledge quite right."
Steven Young

Demography and the Future of Secularism - - 1 views

    • Steven Young
      The American Enterprise Institute is one of the leading conservative think tanks. The AEI, and the conservative movement in general, have an interest in a more religious population, since religious voters are more likely to vote Republican and for conservative parties elsewhere in the world. Therefore, one needs to skeptical of research emanating from a think tank with a strong ideological bias; especially when that research serves the interests of the institution.
  • Across the world, "population change is reversing secularism and shifting the center of gravity of entire societies in a conservative religious direction." The same will be true here in the United States, where religious families have more children than non-religious ones.
  • It's easy to underestimate the role that population change can have in social change, Kaufmann says, but it can have a huge role, especially when differences in values drive differences in fertility
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  • -- demographer
  • Americans and Europeans
  • Americans and European
  • the fringe of ultra-Orthodox pupils in Israel's Jewish primary schools in 1960 has ballooned: they now comprise a third of the Jewish first grade class. They are gaining power: in Jerusalem, Haredim rioted in late December, demanding the right to segregate women on buses, and have already elected the city's first Haredi mayor.
  • the ultra-Orthodox may form a majority of observant American and British Jews by 2050
  • In the United States, Republicans have a similar values-driven fertility advantage -- an advantage, Kaufmann argues, which will outweigh the Democratic advantage of increased immigration, in part because many immigrants are conservative on social issues and maximalist in their family planning.
  • "In Seattle, there are nearly 45 percent more dogs than children. In Salt Lake City, there are nearly 19 percent more kids than dogs.”
    Summary of article from the American Enterprise Institute journal, "The American", that claims that future of the U.S. is more religious than secular due to the large family size of religious fundamentalists.

Iñaki Añorga

edutwitter - Experiencias de clase con microblogging - 16 views

    • Iñaki Añorga
      prueba de nota
Jennifer Diaz

How to Make Rock Candy with Step-by-Step Pictures - wikiHow - 51 views

    How to Make Rock Candy, including a video.  Great for showing supersaturation for Science!
Eric Arbetter

Graphic Organizers (Grades 4-8) - 122 views

    A list of links to graphic organizers for math.

Creative Thinking Activities and Games - 138 views

shared by meldar on 24 May 12 - No Cached
    Critical thinking activities

Teaching in the 21st Century: Choice is Key for Expository Writing - 12 views

    "Choice is the key for expository writing"

IMSA's PBLNetwork - 35 views

shared by meldar on 31 Dec 09 - Cached
BTerres liked it
    Illinoise Mathematics and Science Academy's site on Problem-Based Learning. Lots of different information. Some links/resources are broken.
Martin Burrett

Column Subtraction - 3 views

    A great maths resource for learning about column subtraction. See how to complete the problems step by step. There are three levels to choose from.
Randolph Hollingsworth

Dramatically Bringing Down the Cost of Education with OER - 48 views

    Originally posted on Steven Downes OLDAILY blog
    By David Wiley, Cable Green, Louis Soares | February 7, 2012
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