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Kathleen Gormley

Time Sensitive Webinars - 4 views

    Free webinars offered by Simple K12--I have attended some of these in the past and they were worth my time.
Jean Hino

The Non-Website Website for Teachers Overwhelmed by Technology - 12 views

    Encouragement for those who don't know where to start with Evernote or moving forward with technology

Developing Reflective Approaches to Writing - Confluence - 10 views

    Reflective practice in writing resource website.

3 Ways the Internet Is Changing Education Right Now | Edudemic - 86 views

  • The world has shrunk considerably and the speed of life has increased dramatically.
  • Democratizing Education
  • a single laptop and a satellite internet connection can provide a classroom, school, or village with access to any content they wish
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  • Lowered Costs
  • Online education means that one teacher can instruct countless students
  • Improved Learning
  • Knowledge can be transferred over time and space endlessly
  • Not only can the internet provide education to more people at a lower cost, it can also offer better quality.
  • Interactive learning is more effective for retention that lectures.
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    A quick overview of how the Internet is changing education, and how educators can take advantage of it.
Martin Burrett

Mandarin Chinese Pinyin Chart with Audio - Yabla Chinese - 38 views

    A useful Mandarin resource. This Pinyin chart has audio so you can listen to each pronunciation with different tones.
Martin Burrett

Matching Multiplication - 82 views

    A multiplication game where players must match the question and answer cards to score points.
Glenda Baker

The Power of Feedback - 153 views

    Power of positive feedback as an instructional strategy. 
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    This is probably a good article, but it can't be accessed without paying a $25 fee.
    I write extensively about narrative feedback in my forthcoming book, ROLE Reversal (ASCD 2013). I quote Hattie and Timperly several times on the subject. Dylan Wiliam is another expert who has researched feedback for decades.
Donal O' Mahony

elearning Island part 2…failing? - 43 views

    Some ideas on Personal Learning Networks and Blogging
Martha Hickson

Teacher Resources | Library of Congress - 71 views

    Teacher resources from the LOC including info on incorporating primary sources.
    Includes tool for searching for materials by state standards
Stacy Olson

Fifty Sneakers - 1 views

    Online testing platform - free plan is pretty limited
Prakash Dheeriya

Teach finance to elementary, middle and high school children using stories - 6 views

    Disclosure: I am the author of these children's books.
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