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Patti Whatley

SproutClassrooms: Used Classroom & Teaching Materials - 69 views

shared by Patti Whatley on 03 Aug 11 - Cached
    Gently used materials for teachers!
Martin Burrett

iGeology App - British Geological Survey - 40 views

    A set of smartphone app downloads from the British Geological Survey which show detailed maps of what is under your feet.
Martin Burrett

Rotational Symmetry - 60 views

    Simple rotational symmetry tool which lets you put colours into four quadrants creating rotational patterns.
Martin Burrett

The Great Plant Hunt - 47 views

    A website for Primary School from Kew Gardens - Find a categorise plants, look at germination and look at seed 'design' for different environments.
Martin Burrett - sharing ideas with friends - 39 views

    A collaborative to do list and planning site. Easily share tasks and coordinate them together.
Martin Burrett

SongZilla - Search and stream online music - 63 views

    A great simple music search engine that streams free music from Grooveshark on an uncluttered page. Search by title, artist or album.,+Sound+&+Podcasts
Martin Burrett

Smore - Create instant webpages - 77 views

    Make an instant text and image webpage with Smore. Edit time and time again, choose themes and colours and you can even customise the url. Great for setting homework.
Melanie Barkley

Maths Maps - A New Collaborative Project | - 84 views

  • Some background

    Four years ago I created Google Earth resources for the classroom and posted them to the GE Community Forum. Two of them were called Maths in Madrid and Maths in Las Vegas. These were based on the fact that there is maths all around us, every day, everywhere we look. Google Earth (and Maps) gives us a great perspective on it all. It also provides easy access for our students to see rich visual content that depicts everyday maths. I have always loved the idea of children seeing the maths they are working on.

    The only issue with Google Earth is that it is restrictive in two ways. It is not browser based and it is impossible for me to create a resource for others to collaborate on.

    Combining math with Google Earth to create exciting classroom projects. This is a collaborative Google presentation.
    Math Maps Project Using Google Earth
Annika Russell

Digital-Natives - 2 views

  • practice developmental advising if we will not expand our comfort zones? Are we helping students when we force them to meet us
  • One major difference between Natives and Immigrants is the way we process information.
  • Our students look to us to incorporate these new technologies into our advising practice. Students increasingly want to contact us via email, text messaging, and instant messaging rather than meet with us in our offices.
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • We must remember that students feel that a digital meeting is just as real as an office meeting, and they take away the same meaning and feeling as from an office meeting. If we only offer services in ways in which we are comfortable, then students may never feel that we are meeting them at their level. How can we practice developmental advising if we will not expand our comfort zones? Are we helping students when we force them to meet us in the same manner?
  • We can no longer decide for our students, but instead we must decide with them (Prensky, 2005).
  • Place more importance on how we communicate over what we communicate
  • We should be willing to laugh at our “accents” and move on. Listen to what students tell us about how technology can be beneficial to how we conduct our lives, work with them, and value their knowledge.
  • How do we bridge the gap between Natives and Immigrants? There are strategies we can employ that will help us reach our Native students
  • On the other hand is the Digital Immigrant .
    Very good article on Digital Natives in post-secondary settings.
Kelly Boushell

GoAnimate4Schools - 103 views

    This is a superb site for GoAnimate and is specially designed to be used in schools. Make amazing animations in minutes. The teacher account allows you to administrate your class accounts and access their work.,+animation,+film+&+Webcams
    GoAnimate4Schools is an entirely private space for you and your students to let your creativity flow. A quiet place for your students to enjoy what's great about online creation tools, without the dangers of being out in the open Web. As a teacher on GoAnimate4Schools you get full access to all our tools. No virtual currency needed. And if you upgrade your School to our SchoolPlus program, all your students get the same unlimited access.
Seth Bowers

GeoCommons - 67 views

    Create compelling maps that make a difference

    GeoCommons enables everyone to find, use and share geographic data and maps. Easily create rich interactive visualizations to solve problems without any experience using traditional mapping tools.
Martin Burrett

The Ancient Web - the Ancient World's Great Civilizations - 5 views

    A wonderful history website with a vast collection of videos, text & images from cultures across the world and throughout history. Log in not required.
Carol Mortensen

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Association - Is your child or loved one at risk for Sudden... - 0 views

    The loss of many of our young students and athelets is due to this. Please take a minute and read. "This form will help you identify those who may be at risk and who will benefit from additional testing to look for conditions that cause SCA.

    The HCMA offers the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Risk Assessment Form, SCARAF, This form should be distributed to all school age children and families. This 2- page form has the AHA 12 point items addressed and written in a manner that a parent is more likely to provide as clinically relevant data to a physician. This document was created with the assistance of Dr. Robert Campbell and the HCMA. It offers 3 options Yes - No - Unsure. Should the parent/you answers Yes or Unsure to any question they are offered 3 steps to follow:

    1. Bring this form to your personal physician and discuss cardiac screening.
    2. Seek an evaluation from a cardiac professional including appropriate testing (ECG, echocardiogram and additional if warrented) and consultation.
    3. Share this information with your family.

    This tool creates a clinical indication for testing should the parent identify a risk factor; therefore, the clinical evaluation and testing should be covered by all major insurance programs in the USA. This tool also has the power to move beyond the child and to the parent as it is far more common to see a death under the age of 54 and over the age of 24, therefore the parents are at a similar risk as the child."
Steve Ransom

What If We Stopped Teaching Kids What They Cannot Do? | HASTAC - 3 views

  • How do we understand our gifts without the certificate, the diploma?   That's the challenge.  
  • And, sadly, much of our formal education is about standardizing exactly
  • that shift, in teaching that kindergarten child who believes she can do absolutely anything that, no, she's a poor reader, or bad in math, or a poor speller, or a poor artist or has no musical talent (as my husband was once told when he was a child: 
    Great post by Cathy Davidson:
    "How do we understand our gifts without the certificate, the diploma?   That's the challenge."
Renee Brown


    • Renee Brown
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maureen greenbaum

Tweet Your Grievances: A Handy Directory of All Congressional Twitter Handles - Politic... - 1 views

    Link to the twtiter handle of those senators and reps that have them
    Write your senator or rep if they don't have one!
maureen greenbaum

Tangagrams - Cryptopix- Find the phrase from the pictures - 5 views

    Tanga wants to sell you stuff but they prove these excellent puzzles.
    Great think puzzle for grade 8 and above and for Gifted and Talented kids.
    A new one every few days. 
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