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Mike Dunagan

Primary Interactive - Activities and games for primary students - 100 views

    Great of flash resources and games for English, maths science and more.
Lauren Rosen

Collaborize Classroom -free resources - 4 views

    Resources to prepare students and teachers for getting involved in an online community.
Candice Nogueira

Academic Leadership Journal - 0 views

  • Therefore, school districts need to add elements of comprehensive induction  to their mentoring programs to help promote learning and professionaldevelopment.
    • Candice Nogueira
      I think that this is one thing that HCPSS does well with the New Teacher orientation--especially because it happens a week before verteran teachers come back.
Scott Cameron

Think Before You Click - Is that free coffee or a scam? - 2 views

    Tips on how to avoid scams on facebook - written by Richard Byrne
    This article gives some points on how to avoid scams and how not to pass on these scams. This deals with information literacy as students need to learn how to analyze information that is found.
Roland Gesthuizen

Learn from your mistakes « newteachersblog - 6 views

    If you are a new teacher, you'll be making lots (and lots) of mistakes. Don't worry about it. You'll not only survive them, you'll learn from them and if you reflect on them honestly, you'll be a better teacher for them too.

Martin Burrett

Sammy's Symmetry Shuffle - 131 views

    A fun, simple flash game exploring symmetry of shapes. Choose from three levels of difficulty. Play full screen at
Martin Burrett

AudioLiterate | Audiobooks - 159 views

    This site has nice a collection of audio books with something for all ages. Most titles are free to download.
Martin Burrett

Thinkuknow - 126 views

shared by Martin Burrett on 07 Feb 12 - Cached
    This is a widely used e-saftey website with games and activities to help your students understand how to be safe online.
Martin Burrett

Safer Internet Centre - 67 views

    Safer Internet Day is an annual event in early February that highlights e-safety. This site has many good child-friendly resources and downloadable school packs about e-safety.
Judy Arzt

The Best Educational Wikis of 2011 - 187 views

    The winners for the best educational wikis for 2011 are featured, with links to their wiki. First place: ICTmagic, 2nd Resources for History Teachers, etc.
Jennifer Carey

"Learning is an Epic Win" - Jane McGonigal - 45 views

    Jane McGonigal's speech at the 2012 Biennial ISAS Speech on gaming and education.
Jena Sherry

Gooru - 185 views

    From @rbyrne Free Technology for Teachers
    Math and Science resources for teachers and students
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