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mrs Thompson

Dickens 2012 | - 2 views

shared by mrs Thompson on 19 Jan 12 - No Cached
    Celebrate Dickens' 200th Birthday in style this year!
Gema González

La sorprendente verdad sobre lo que motiva a tus alumnos | TotemGuard - Recursos TIC pa... - 1 views

    Entrada de blog sobre lo que motiva a los alumnos. Muy interesante.
Stacy Olson

Fill Any PDF Form - 140 views

shared by Stacy Olson on 26 Feb 10 - Cached
    Upload pdfs and other documents and fill them out electronically - even if they originally don't have field to fill in - Free!
Stacy Olson

DOC Cop - Accurate Fast Free Simple Plagiarism and Collusion Detection - 5 views

    Free web tool to check for plagiarism
Stacy Olson

Book Club Management - 6 views

    " is the web's leading application for creating, managing and running your very own online book club.
Roland Gesthuizen

CEC | Evidence-Based Practice-Wanted, Needed, and Hard to Get - 2 views

  • Another effective method of giving teachers access to research is to involve them in it. Not only do the teachers learn the correct way to implement the strategy, they also get the supports, materials, and someone to talk to about the strategy.

  • The law says teachers must use evidence-based teaching practices (EBPs) to ensure their students receive the highest quality instruction. From there the discussion splinters into a myriad of issues
  • Teaching techniques that have been proven to be effective can help students make more progress in shorter amounts of time. When these practices are added to teachers’ professional skills and knowledge of their students, you have a winning combination when it comes to teaching and learning
    While the law requires teachers to use evidence-based practices in their classrooms, the field has not yet determined criteria for evidence based practice nor whether special education has a solid foundation of evidence-based practices. Also, those teaching strategies that have been researched are difficult for teachers to access.

Doug Henry

Embed videos in Moodle 2.2 - 60 views

    Steps to embed a variety of video types into Moodle 2.2
Elizabeth Hobbs

Lesson: Mitosis & Meiosis on the Table - 93 views

  • y (lab) is designed to help students to learn the critical distinctions between what happens to chromosomes during mitosis vs meiosis. Students manipulate pipe-cleaner chromosomes on a template showing stages of
    I do a similar activity with my students, and this year we are using a flip video camera to create a movie of the phases. Students will move the chromosomes, narrate from a summary script that they have written for each phase, and then put the clips together to make the video. They love to watch and listen to their explanations, and the videos can be used as a review.
Joy Robinson

Technology Is at Least 3 Years Away From Improving Student Success - Wired Campus - The... - 74 views

shared by Joy Robinson on 18 Jan 12 - No Cached
    • Joy Robinson
      gamified learning
  • detect how often students went over that segment, how long they spent on it, and all that information could be related to how students do on tests about that concept.
Wayne Holly

Download free ebooks at - 120 views

    A superb site with free downloadable pdf textbooks for adults on subjects such as IT and Programming, travel guides and science.
    A source of free books in pdf format. This a rather extensive collection covering textbooks, business, and travel guides.
Martin Burrett

World's Greatest Math and Science Rap - 177 views

    A collection of maths and science rap videos aimed at secondary topics.
    Hilarious! I passed this along to my daughter-in-law, the high school bio and chem teacher.
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