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Danuta Woloszynowicz

More powerful pencils: 1:1 Laptop Programs and 21st century learning « 21k12 - 169 views

    BYOD blog entry
Martin Burrett

Just Beam It - 134 views

    A nice simple tool for sharing files. Just drag the file into the window and share the link to download.
Martin Burrett

1001 Primary Games - 142 views

    This is a great idea for a collaborative project - collecting games to play at primary school. Email your own game ideas and browse the activities already submitted.
Martin Burrett

Science Quizzes from Think Bank - 101 views

    A collection of science quizzes, mostly for (England) Year 7.
Martin Burrett

Pearl Diver - 94 views

    A maths game which teaches about positive and negative number lines.
Matt Adams

The Art of Finding by Linda Gregg - 88 views

    • Matt Adams
      The last paragraph is the biggity bomb
    On seeing physical detail; on being available to the physical world
Laura Dell

ESPN En Español - 1 views

    Deportes en español
Adam Taylor

1-2 bellwork - taylorchinesescience's library - 3 views

    • Adam Taylor
      How might this affect the wounded from wars?
Lauren Rosen

ClassParrot - 0 views

    - How it works - Hassle-free texting for teachers -- ClassParrot. US & Canada. Free texting to students and parents up to 500 messages. For others that join get 200 more. Text out from a computer & schedule texts in advance.
Dr. Matthew McKeague

Google - 119 views

shared by Dr. Matthew McKeague on 12 Oct 11 - Cached
Alanna King

Teacher feedback with Diigo - YouTube - 194 views

    • Alanna King
      I can't wait to try this with an online assignment. As a teacher-librarian, I may have to convince a teacher to try it so that I can actually see it in action.  I believe Diigo is really going to help my students and staff go paperless.
  • dent feedback to online work, and supports student responses and comments to each other.





    Standard YouTube License

    Using Diigo to provide feedback to student online work
Steve Ransom

Science teachers at Loxahatchee middle school strike back against hands-on labs - 106 views

    Just plain sad.
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