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Alyssia Hunter

Docs for Facebook - 111 views

    Use microsoft office via facebook!

David Arendale's Web Site - Tutorials for Use of Software - 110 views

    David Arendale has put together a really great set of tutorials covering iTunes, podcasts, YouTube, Blogger, and Wiki Web Pages. He uses these in his classes having students create podcasts and other media as part of their learning experience.
Ramon Lopez

Embed a Video on the Wired How-To Wiki - Wired How-To Wiki - 26 views

  • Embed a Video on the Wired How-To Wiki

    From Wired How-To Wiki

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    Adding video is a great way to help illustrate your How-To Wiki article. Here are some instructions.

  • But, bottom line: The video must be hosted on YouTube.
  • Use our custom tag
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • just ignore
  • extra data after the ID string
  • v= part, so:
  • <youtube>eGcYE4UMVIQ</youtube>
Ramon Lopez

Backup (and offsite) key data on the cheap - Wired How-To Wiki - 22 views

Roland Gesthuizen

Hey Milly!: iRead Using Evernote - 69 views

    In the past I've blogged about Evernote and it's great ability to collate notes and make them available to you online and on your mobile device. Today I had a great experience using Evernote in a different way - to collate and hold iRead recordings.
A Gardner

Teacher Experience Exchange - Navigating the curated human network - 34 views

  • If I can get overloaded with a flood of daily content, how can I expect students to cope?
  • To add to this, I believe students (and all of us for that matter) need help managing social media and making it productive, not overwhelming.
A Gardner

Welcome! | Teachers Connecting - 35 views

    Anyone have experience with this? (good or bad)
Ryan Trauman

English 102 - Orange | Blog | Closing Argument - 22 views

shared by Ryan Trauman on 30 Apr 11 - No Cached
    • Ryan Trauman
      Watch the capitalization here in your bibliography. Take a closer look at the mini-tutorial for the bibliography.
  • Jennifer Aubrey
  • Brown and Dittmar
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • Carney
  • Levine
  • Turner and Hamilton
  • ideal body image
  • It is possible that antecedent body self-perceptions affect whether women select or avoid sexually objectifying media
Ryan Trauman

English 102 - Bear | Blog | The review of Ideas - 14 views

shared by Ryan Trauman on 30 Apr 11 - No Cached
  • “If we want to actually reduce the number of divorces, we need to make divorce less appealing to women.”(Davidson). What Davidson is expressing is that women are attracted to divorce. Marriage was once a partnership. “A person doesn’t cling to what they do not need. Therefore a woman will not cling to a man who is not needed.”(Feldman) Feldmon forwards Davidson’s thought, but it adds to it. Marriage is hard enough. If a the partner is not needed why would either party wish to go through the difficulties. “The origins of marriage was a simple set up, the man worked, the woman did not.”(Hendrix) Hendrix continues to expand on a common thought of partnership. Hendrix shows that originally that marriage partners were dependent on each other. The woman was dependent on the man for money and the man dependent on the woman for the upkeep of the house. Was it the best system? Possibly. Couples stuck together back then. They fought tooth and nail to keep their marriage strong and did what was best for the family. However, no one disagrees with women becoming part of the work force. “We need to find a middle ground”(Cochrane). Cochrane is speaking on  the terms of interdependence. She is saying that there has to be a middle ground between the powers.
    • Ryan Trauman
      Excellent "conversational style" here, Daniel.
  • very article agrees on one thing.
    • Ryan Trauman
      Good, but where are you other sources? If everyone agrees, can you show us little pieces of text that deomonstrate how they agree?
  • Hendrix
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • Hendrix
  • Anderson
  • Cochrane
  • Feldman
Shane Ogden

A Googleaholic's Guide to all things gmail | The Edublogger - 176 views

    Great guide to gmail with step by step directions... A wonderful resource; especially visual learners!
    insider tips on using google apps
pkhiker - 18 views

    research on SRI, gains, 
Josh Flores

Freakonomics » Women Continue to Make Education, Labor Gains - 25 views

sha towers

History in 140 Characters: Asking Educators to Use Twitter - Naomi Coquillon - Technolo... - 50 views

  • When I discuss Twitter in workshops, responses range from "I just don't have time for that -- it's enough to keep up with email and Facebook" to "you just can't have a conversation on Twitter." And I understand. I wasn't always so fond of Twitter. I wondered how I would ever say anything useful in 140 characters
  • What I've come to love as I use Twitter, and the value I share with these teachers, is being exposed to more thought-provoking articles than I ever had before, and learning of new resources just as soon as they become available.
  • to provide our followers with the latest news about our resources or great material from other institutions, as well as being a way to get in touch with us.
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • Verizon Thinkfinity, "Why Use Twitter? Tell Us Your Tips"
    ideas and links to other resources for creatively using twitter in the classroom
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