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Martin Burrett

Photo Gallery - 84 views

    A simple photo search of flickr sorted by attributes, such as 'zigzag' and 'spiral.'
Lisa Koster

Free Order of Operations Math Worksheets - 160 views

    • Lisa Koster
      These are GREAT! Thank you!
Glenda Baker

copyrightconfusion - home - 181 views

    This is the best site so far on copyrights... thanks!
Martin Burrett

Speed reading pacer - 71 views

    A simple site where you can paste text and the site will help you speed read the text by highlighting sections.
Martin Burrett

Washing line sequences - 74 views

    A good maths game where players find a missing number from a sequence on a washing line.
Martin Burrett

Charactistics of Matter - 119 views

    A superb interactive science video from the BBC about the charactistics of matter, featuring solids, liquids and gases.
tom campbell - 33 views

    Cuisenaire Activity and Exploration Book
Martin Burrett

Maths - more than and less than - 71 views

    Practise spotting 'more than' and 'less than' by drawing the correct symbol in this game.
Josh Flores

Lord, Save Me From The Krebs Cycle : Krulwich Wonders... : NPR - 71 views

    • Josh Flores
      Start with an essential questions for authentic learning
  • John Dewey: "Understanding derives from activity."
  • That's when we learn, not because we choose to, but because we know it might be on The Test, and too often, curiosity gets replaced by fear.
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  • they find it fun — until 9th grade
  • Kids learn when they want to know the answer, when they care.
  • Teachers who teach to the test are failing their students.
Randolph Hollingsworth

Maps of Citations Uncover New Fields of Scholarship - Research - The Chronicle of Highe... - 33 views

  • a a team led by two biologists, Carl T. Bergstrom and Jevin D. West, and a physicist, Martin Rosvall,- "The work builds off the thinking behind the Eigenfactor score, a method of assessing journals' relative influence that Mr. Bergstrom and Mr. West unveiled in 2007. The Eigenfactor algorithm takes into account the source of citations. A citation in a high-profile journal like Nature, for instance, counts for more than a citation from a journal only a handful of people ever see or cite. That's a more nuanced way to evaluate a journal's standing than the widely used impact factor, which tracks how many citations a journal gets but does not weight the sources."
    Wow researchers can engage with the human side of research thru viewing connected networks, they can find the patterns in data sets and discover new fields as they converge amongst many possibilities... You can see overview where your research fits in etc too.
    This is fascinating. I'm trying to figure out if this is something that could become useful to undergraduates learning about research. It seems like it has potential to reveal connections, trends, and patterns for students just starting in a discipline. It certainly makes disciplines seem less rigid and confined (which I think is a good thing).
Martin Burrett

Hiper url - 59 views

shared by Martin Burrett on 13 Sep 11 - No Cached
    A well designed and easy to use site that lets you bunch upto 5 links into one url to share. When you link on the link it shows you where the links are taking you. Great for making a collection of sites for projects and homework. See an example at
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