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Edward Joe

Did You Know 4.0 - 108 views

shared by Edward Joe on 07 Feb 12 - Cached
    Something to think about while/before choosing a career
Lisa Nelson

Cool Math 4 Kids Fraction Lessons and Games - 5 views

    • Lisa Nelson
      Good for Fractions

How Do We Prepare Our Children for What's Next? | MindShift - 4 views

    By Tina Barseghian
    ...Fast forward a couple of decades (or more) and we see that the career landscape has changed so drastically that jobs need new definitions. Social media strategist, app developer, mobile web engineer?
Lauren Rosen

A Declaration of Interdependence: - 5 views

     a crowdsourced short film - YouTube. A short film on connectedness in the world in multiple languages. 
Mary Beth  Messner

Creating a Sense of Time in Online Courses | Faculty Focus - 62 views

  • While we all agree that the five-year-old unnarrated PowerPoint is a dangerous and ineffective piece of content in an online course, we would also all agree that we can’t redo each narrated piece of content each semester. How do we strike a balance between creating content that is fresh (more on that in a moment) and being able to reuse content that is valuable?
    • Amy Cohen
      Addressing issues in reusing online course content
  • For teachers it makes them participate in the content, revisit the content they created in the past, and make it delivered in a “present” time for the students. For students it tells them that the teacher “was just here,” and that this stuff is happening now. It makes the content seem more relevant, and helps build a sense of community in the course.
  • By creating content that has elements of real time associated with it, instructors can generate a sense of presence and freshness that are often missing in online courses.
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  • Lastly, keep the flowers fresh.
  • A sense of time is created in discussion boards because they have only that week to complete the work and there is an understanding that the conversations happen in time. But often asynchronous discussions have wide gaps of time between student interactions. One way to bring time closer to the students is to allow them to subscribe to forum threads they are involved in. You can do this in most LMS solutions. Students get an email alerting them to activity in the thread they are active in and it brings them closer “in real time” to the events happening in the class. While this can be overwhelming in larger courses, in a class of 20 or 30 students it usually does not amount to an unreasonable amount of email notifications.

    One of the most effective ways to bring timeliness to an online course is do a quick recap of previous week, as well as provide a preview of what is expected for the current week. Using screen capture software to go through the course and set expectations is a great way to not only share a bit of yourself with students, but it is a pre-emptive way to answer questions students commonly ask.

sha towers

Aspect Ratio Calculator (ARC) - 1 views

    great tool for figuring out ratios for images or videos on the web if you need to resize.
Doug Henry

Sign petition to put Pluto on a USPS stamp - 0 views

    Honor the flyby and reconnaissance of the Pluto system by NASA's New Horizons spacecraft - and help restore some dignity to poor Pluto
Mike Dunagan

Free Technology for Teachers: Brainstorming - Google Across the Curriculum - 4 views

    Brainstorming - Google Across the Curriculum

    This morning I'm facilitating a workshop at the MEA (Maine Education Association) Professional Issues Conference in Augusta, Maine. My workshop is designed to introduced participants to variety of Google services that they can use in their classrooms. Included in the workshop are five collaborative brainstorming sessions. Links to the collaborative document for the brainstorming sessions are interspersed in the slides you see below. Feel free to look through the brainstorming session documents and contribute your own thoughts. If you do add your ideas to the document, please make a note that you're a "global participant" in the brainstorming sessions.
Mike Dunagan

Free Technology for Teachers: 10 Sites and Apps for SAT Vocabulary Review - 4 views

    Like many of their peers across the country, this Saturday all of the Juniors at my school will be taking the SAT. Although it's kind of late to start prepping for the test, better to do some review this week than not do any at all. The following ten websites and mobile apps are designed to help students review the type of content they're likely to encounter on the SAT.
Mike Dunagan

Primary Interactive - Activities and games for primary students - 100 views

    Great of flash resources and games for English, maths science and more.
Lauren Rosen

Collaborize Classroom -free resources - 4 views

    Resources to prepare students and teachers for getting involved in an online community.
Candice Nogueira

Academic Leadership Journal - 0 views

  • Therefore, school districts need to add elements of comprehensive induction  to their mentoring programs to help promote learning and professionaldevelopment.
    • Candice Nogueira
      I think that this is one thing that HCPSS does well with the New Teacher orientation--especially because it happens a week before verteran teachers come back.
Scott Cameron

Think Before You Click - Is that free coffee or a scam? - 2 views

    Tips on how to avoid scams on facebook - written by Richard Byrne
    This article gives some points on how to avoid scams and how not to pass on these scams. This deals with information literacy as students need to learn how to analyze information that is found.
Roland Gesthuizen

Learn from your mistakes « newteachersblog - 6 views

    If you are a new teacher, you'll be making lots (and lots) of mistakes. Don't worry about it. You'll not only survive them, you'll learn from them and if you reflect on them honestly, you'll be a better teacher for them too.

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