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The Role of Learning Management Systems in Middle Schools - 14 views

  • a
  • ll learning styles and levels can be met. Teachers can organize their classes and post different documents, assignments, tests, etc. for their students to work on without the students knowing they are receiving something that has been specifically developed for their own level.
  • many benefits in middle level education
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  • paper copies of their absent work; now teachers post worksheets, links, videos, and other resources
  • flipped classrooms can be created
  • communication increases. Groups are developed within the system for sharing resources, sending messages, and connecting with staff and students.
  • attracted to technology outside school;
  • built-in reward system in which teachers can give badges to students for good attendance, participation, etc. to reinforce positive behaviors.
  • opportunity to communicate
  • Class participation and collaborative work increases
  • Parents
Martin Burrett

Mr Carter Maths - 24 views

    "An amazing collection of printable maths sheets, and questions/activities for the class whiteboard on a huge array of topics for all levels of schooling."
Randy Yerrick

Middle School Chemistry | Download Free Science Activities, Access Chemistry Multimedia, Find Information on Workshops - 113 views

    Great website with lesson plans and lots of multimedia covering basic chemistry topics. Though titled "middle school chemistry" much of the material can be referred to or used for basic high school chemistry or even biology (such as the basics on bonding, water molecules, etc).
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    Agreed. The chapter on the periodic table is worth it just for the animations, let alone the lesson plans and other resources. What a good get, Holly. Kudos to the American Chemical Society for setting it up.
    Worth a bump, I stumbled upon this gem today. Excellent resource, there is even a free pdf textbook.
    Middle School Chemistry lessons with worksheets and standards.
Randy Yerrick

Chapter 3: Cells - 16 views

    This site shows the curriculum for an anatomy & physiology class.  Notes and worksheets are included for each unit.
Deborah Baillesderr

Duck Soup | ESheet Creator - 82 views

    "You can take any document or pdf in your google drive or computer and easily make it an online instantly graded activity. And best of all... YOUR STUDENTS CAN WRITE ON IT LIKE IT'S PAPER!"
Deborah Baillesderr - 81 views

    This has probably been featured already, but I love this site. You can create any kind of assessment your heart desires. Truly worth checking out.
Deborah Baillesderr | Printable Worksheets, Online Games, and More - 12 views

    An Education & Child Development Site for Parents | Parenting & Educational Resource
    A vast website with thousands of pages of tips and ideas for teachers. Browse hundreds of beautifully made and printable worksheets. Ask educational questions and get involved with the huge site community.
MaryLiz Jones

Daily Planning Worksheet - 83 views

    Weekly planners, whether digital, handwritten, or typed, can help you get a handle on your to-do's for each week. This sample daily planning worksheet is one example. Read more about strategizing your time in the associated post: " 7 Step-Prep: Make a Weekly Plan for YOU!"

Grades 2-3 Student Center Activities: Language (CCSS) - 2 views

    language arts common core worksheets listed by goals
Jillian VanRiper - 24 views

    List of English prefixes
H DeWaard

We Don't Need To Use Them, Even If They're There! | Living Avivaloca - 37 views

    This morning, I saw a tweet from HJ DeWaard: a teacher that I love learning with and from on Twitter. The moment I read the blog post, I knew what I would be writing about tonight. The truth is, in...
Sharin Tebo

Creative Educator - Build Thinking Skills with Informational Text Projects - 38 views

  • This informational text piece lends itself to having students create an associative letter project versus a traditional report. In an associative letter project, students are assigned a letter that they must use to find words representing the text they’ve just read. For example, “R is for the Montgomery Bus Boycott” might lead a student to choose words like race, rights, or Rosa as the focus of a variety of paragraphs that describe the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
    • Sharin Tebo
      I like this associative activity!
  • By providing students with meaningful, thought-provoking experiences, you can turn informational text study into an exercise in creative and critical thinking!
  • Informational text isn’t going to bring about the death of creativity; rather, creativity depends upon what we ask students to do with the text once they’ve read it. If we ask students to read a non-fiction passage then fill out a worksheet about the passage, we are missing a chance to provide our students with an opportunity to create imaginative, artistic end products demonstrating critical thinking skills hard at work.
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  • Grades 6-8 Exemplar Informational Text: Freedom Walkers, the Story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, by Russell Freedman Creative Thinking Approach: Associative Letter Project In Freedom Walkers,
Lisa C. Hurst

Reading Worksheets, Spelling, Grammar, Comprehension, Lesson Plans - - 148 views

shared by Lisa C. Hurst on 15 Oct 11 - Cached
    Free Reading Instruction Resources for Teachers and Parents
Donnie Browning

Super Teacher Worksheets - 62 views

    Printable Worksheets
Deborah Baillesderr

Free Teaching Resources, Lesson Plans & Worksheets - Promethean Planet - Promethean Planet - 53 views

    I'm sure Promethean Planet has been listed before, but for those who haven't heard, this site has so many resources across all curriculum areas.
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