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Martin Burrett

Download Details - Microsoft Download Center - Photo Story 3 for Windows - 26 views

    Microsoft's Photostory is a great piece of software to make video presentations from photos. Designed for XP, but works on newer Windows as well.
N Butler

Windows Live Movie Maker Quick Tutorial - YouTube - 1 views

    Getting Started with Windows Live Movie Maker
Justin Eames

How to Run Your Favorite Programs at Work Without Admin Access | Webmaster Tips - 9 views

    Running a small version of Linux on a Windows XP system.  Great experience for students to see other operating systems.  
ivan alba

Cómo instalar WhatsApp en Windows - 14 views

Martin Burrett

Plumbago from Microsoft - 55 views

    A superb Windows app which turns your touchscreen PC into a powerful note and sketch pad with a huge range of tools.
Martin Burrett

SoloLearn - 53 views

    A breathtaking array of 'learn to code' Apple, Android and Windows phone apps. Learn C++, Python C#, HTML, SQL, JavaScript, Java, CSS, php and Swift via the site or apps. These are 'must try' tools for anyone starting out with coding. The site even has a 'Code Playground' to experiment with your code.
Ruth Sinker

Windows Keyboard PDF - 59 views

    PDF booklet intended to help students and teachers get more familiar with a Windows keyboard. Includes blank keyboard layouts in both Full and Focused options.
Sally Dodge

VOCALS scientific questions - Windows to the Universe - 55 views

    examples of observation to scientific question

Presentation Next - 6 views

    useful Windows app for creating Prezi-like presentations. You can create your presentations offline and they are based of HTML5, meaning that the files can be viewed in most modern browsers, even mobiles and tablets.
Trevor Cunningham

Tony Vincent's Learning in Hand - Blog - Wireless Mirroring from iPad to PC Now a Reality with AirServer - 16 views

  • Top Blog Podcasting iPod touch iPad iPod Netbooks PDAs Search Contact About Archives Accessories (1) android (3) annoucements (1) announcements (2) app (2) apps (2) appstore (12) blogging (8) caption (1) digital video (4) ebooks (3) economics (1) edapp (1) events (24) games (1) grants (1) handhelds (6) hhl07 (2) ios (9) ipad (37) iphone (59) iphone ipodtouch (1) ipod (48) ipod touch (1) ipodtouch (82) itunes (5) laptops (1) learning (1) learning in hand: ipods (25) math (1) mobile internet (6) mobile phone (12) mobile web (4) mobilelearning (1) netbooks (5) ourcity (3) palm (53) pbl (2) pocket pc (37) podcast (17) podcasting (48) ppcket pc (2) presentations (6) professional development (3) research (6) rss (2) sketchy (4) soft reset (8) tablets (1) tonyvincent (4) twitter (1) ustream (1) video (9) web2.0 (2) webapps (1) windows mobile (9) May 2012 (1) April 2012 (2) March 2012 (3)
  • AirServer offer a 7 day trial period, though you will have to allow the developer to post on your Facebook wall. Standard and student licensing costs are very reasonable and can be installed on up to 5 machines. 
    Wireless Mirroring from iPad to PC Now a Reality with AirServer
Roland Gesthuizen

BBC - Learning Zone Class Clips - Futuristic school has circular classrooms - Maths - 42 views

    As building work gets underway for a new school, Gareth Nutt, head of property and regeneration at Neath Port Talbot council, describes its unusual circular design. The classrooms in this new school will be circular so all pupils feel included. The building environment is controlled with windows which automatically open when rooms get too hot. This clip was first published on BBC News Online on 15 January 2009. Please note this clip is only available in Flash.
Steve Ransom

Brian Jones: What I Learned at NBC's Education Nation Summit - 31 views

    Excellent perspectives here! Love this concluding line:  "Beware CEOs who say teachers are the problem. And beware CEO solutions. You might find yourself in a room without windows."
Dominic Salvucci

OpenMusic - 0 views

    Open source music site. You do need to download a patch for OGG files to play in Windows Media Player.
Scott Garrigan

CUCAT Olearia - 0 views

    There are lots of good, even free, DAISY readers available for Windows, but this is the only one for the Mac. It's still in beta, but you can get the idea and try reading some DAISY books.
Phil Brown

sigil - A WYSIWYG ebook editor. - Google Project Hosting - 41 views

    multi-platform WYSIWYG ebook editor
    Sigil is a multi-platform EPUB ebook editor for Windows, Linux and Mac.
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