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Martin Burrett

Bunny Balance - 49 views

    A maths game for younger students where player must balance or unbalance the seesaw with bunnies of varying mathss.
Martin Burrett

Mostly Postie - KG & G Game - 72 views

    A maths resource for practising reading scales in kilograms and grams.
Roland Gesthuizen

What measures the best teacher? More than scores, study shows - 1450 WHTC Holland's Hometown Station - 138 views

  • researchers found they could pick out the best teachers in a school and even predict roughly how much their students would learn if they rated the educators through a formula that put equal weight on student input, test scores and detailed classroom observations by principals and peers
  • Judging teachers primarily by student performance on state tests, for instance, turned out to be highly unreliable, with little consistency from year to year. Judging them chiefly by a principal's observations failed to identify those teachers who could be counted on to boost student proficiency on state math and reading tests.
  • This should be a very big red flag to all those policy makers who think they can have test-based accountability be half or more of a teacher's evaluation
    "(Reuters) - Effective teachers can be identified by observing them at work, measuring their students' progress on standardized tests - and asking those students directly what goes on in the classroom, according to a comprehensive study released Tuesday."
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