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Margaret Moore-Taylor

Artsonia Kids Art Museum - The Largest Student Art Gallery on the Web! - 52 views

    A place with teachers can display student artwork for the world to see. Becomes there own online gallery. Secure by parents approving comments. Can order copies of your child's artwork via gift shop and your school will received 15% back. Goal is for students to be able to come back here someday to see their own artwork.
    A great website for students and teachers to showcase artwork and create online portfolios, and it's free!
    With Artsonia, teachers can build a gallery of their students' Art projects. The website lets family and friends log on to see the children's Art. Friends and relatives can comment on students' work, which is posted with their first name and an ID number. They can also sign up to get alerts when their students' new masterpieces are uploaded. Anyone can purchase coffee mugs, key chains, and other items featuring the Artwork. Items are often given as a holiday, Mother's Day, or Father's Day gift. Schools earn 15 percent when parents purchase custom keepsakes with their child's Artwork. 
Tricia Hunt

How to Teach with Technology: Language Arts | Edutopia - 70 views

    • Tricia Hunt
      Never thought about letting kids "free blog" when they have a question!  Love that idea!
  • respond to a prompt on the blog for homework
    • Tricia Hunt
      I LOVE Photostory!  In the advent of Animoto and Voicethread I have COMPLETELY forgotten about how easy it is to use!
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • VoiceThread is collaborative slide show software that allows users to contribute audio, images, and video.
    • Tricia Hunt
      Just used voice thread in my last online course and could totally see how commenting back and forth on the different images is AWESOME!
  • Doozla (13),
  • Comic Life
    Interesting perspectives and ideas about how to incorporate technology in the language arts classroom, but could easily extend beyond that
raya samet

CloudCanvas - 85 views

    CloudCanvas is an HTML-5 based image editing tool that sports some interesting features. You can work with vector and bitmap images, import files in JPG, GIF, and PNG from both online and offline sources, and save in PNG and SVG formats. CloudCanvas integrates with Google Docs so all your files can be saved securely there and imports images from the Open Clip Art Library, Google Images, and Deviant Art.
Andrew Williamson

45 Websites For Students To Create Original Artwork Online | Art, creativity, student Art | Making Teachers Nerdy - 2 views

    Great sight with a huge list of sites where students can create Art Work online
gaby eyzaguirre

Sketchpad 3.7 - Draw, Create, Share! - 65 views

    Online drawing webtool. Lots of tools and features. Great for drawings that demonstrate content knowledge. Save and download to use in other documents or as a stand alone picture.
    Allows for digital art creations similar to (the idea not the tool) KidPix, there are all sorts of brushes, stickers, text etc. No login required allows student to save work
Barbara Moose

Curriki - WebHome - 1 views

    Curriki, the online education community, is building the first website to offer free, open-source instructional materials for K-12. We have thousands of free worksheets, lesson plans, exams, project ideas and activities for English language arts, math, science, social studies, technology integration and other subjects. All of our educational material is contributed by teachers and partners and is free and open source.
Ivo Schwalbe

popplet - iPad Support - 85 views

    Ideen sammeln, Art Mindmap, Brainstorm

Views: Technology and Teaching - Inside Higher Ed - 43 views

    Is it a given that technology enhances the acts of writing, as it does the arts and sciences of film-making, design, engineering, data collection and analyses, and so forth? What about the teaching and learning of writing?
gaby eyzaguirre

Kleki - 5 views

    This is a useful drawing site with a good set of tools to allow your students to be creative. You can upload images on to the canvas
    Allows for digital paint, some brush types, lots of editing, includes layers, an advanced tool for painting, might be too much for little ones. No login required allows the student to download work.
Tim Hornbacher

Mr. Foxhole's Classroom - 155 views

    This is a blog dedicated to finding great tools for teachers to use.
Sheri Edwards

PLN Challenge: How do I organize? | What Else -- - 51 views

  • easy as your ABCs
  • Add a highlight to a webpage
  • Comment in the webpage and in the description box about what you learned.
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • Bookmark to Diigo (into a group and/or list).
  • research sharing. Each class has their own private group, and we have one group for all our classes. And I belong to several groups, including Classroom 20, Diigo in Education , and EdTechTalk. I’ve created a group for the Teacher Challenges, called “ebchallenge” if you decide to join Diigo. That way, our new PLN we are building can share resources with each other.
  • certain topics, specific tools (like Google Apps).
  • Now that I’ve got you thinking, Diigo has a free and premium version — and teachers should apply for the education version. My language arts students use Diigo for research, note-taking, and writing feedback and
  • t that is just for Tools — Animoto, Wallwish, etc. I also may put how-to pages there, or in my How-To List. I have lists for lessons,
  • Comment in the webpage using the Sticky Note feature and in the description box about what you learned when you click bookmark. Save.
    Introduction to Diigo and group for sharing resources with our edublog challenge PLN
gaby eyzaguirre

YouiDraw Painter, Painting Tools online. - 36 views

    Tool Allows for digital paint, some brush types, a tool for painting. No login required allows the student to download work.
gaby eyzaguirre

Doodler - 40 views

    Game A quick game of draw, timed, help students doodle fasted without worrying too much, practice sketching. No login required
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