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Richard Fanning

100 Useful Niche Search Engines to Focus and Finetune Your Academic Research | College@Home - 100 views

    "Though the general Google site is often touted as the number one search engines online, college students sometimes need more specific tools to help them uncover quality information on the Web that they can use for class projects, research papers, and even job and apartment searches. This list features a huge variety of search engines that can be useful to students, including tools that find photos, sound effects, summer internships, health and medical information, reference guides, and a lot more."
Stacy Olson

Boolify Project: An Educational Boolean Web Search Tool - 127 views

    A search tool that helps students see how change their search terms changes their results.
Justin Medved - 85 views

    The graphical knowledge engine
    very cool searh tool
raya samet

SearchCredible - 31 views

    A search engine that allows you to enter your query, then select a credible source to search for that term in. These include JStor, the Library of Congress, Ebscohost, Eric, the Internet Archive, and many more.
Marge Runkle

Collecta - 0 views

    Collecta monitors the update streams of news sites, popular blogs and social media, so we can show you results as they happen, including Twitter
Teresa Ilgunas

The University of South Carolina Beaufort-Search Engine 101 - 0 views

    tutorial for how to refine your searching
Phil Brown

Comprehensive list of Search Engines - The Search Engine List - 132 views

    A comprehesive list of search engines
Cristina Chonka

TinEye Reverse Image Search - 52 views

    TinEye is a "reverse" search engine: you upload an image file, and it finds all the places on the Internet where that same photo (or a lightly altered version) has been found. This can be useful if you are looking for the original version of a picture (rather than someone's repost).
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