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Lisa C. Hurst

Inside the School Silicon Valley Thinks Will Save Education | WIREd - 9 views

    "AUTHOR: ISSIE LAPOWSKY. ISSIE LAPOWSKY DATE OF PUBLICATION: 05.04.15. 05.04.15 TIME OF PUBLICATION: 7:00 AM. 7:00 AM INSIDE THE SCHOOL SILICON VALLEY THINKS WILL SAVE EDUCATION Click to Open Overlay Gallery Students in the youngest class at the Fort Mason AltSchool help their teacher, Jennifer Aguilar, compile a list of what they know and what they want to know about butterflies. CHRISTIE HEMM KLOK/WIRED SO YOU'RE A parent, thinking about sending your 7-year-old to this rogue startup of a school you heard about from your friend's neighbor's sister. It's prospective parent information day, and you make the trek to San Francisco's South of Market neighborhood. You walk up to the second floor of the school, file into a glass-wallED conference room overlooking a classroom, and take a seat alongside dozens of other parents who, like you, feel that public schools-with their endless bubble-fillED tests, 38-kid classrooms, and antiquatED approach to learning-just aren't cutting it. At the same time, you're thinking: this school is kind of weird. On one side of the glass is a cheery little scene, with two teachers leading two different middle school lessons on opposite ends of the room. But on the other side is something altogether unusual: an airy and open office with vaultED ceilings, sunlight streaming onto low-slung couches, and rows of hoodie-wearing employees typing away on their computers while munching on free snacks from the kitchen. And while you can't quite be sure, you think that might be a robot on wheels roaming about. Then there's the guy who's standing at the front of the conference room, the school's founder. DressED in the San Francisco standard issue t-shirt and jeans, he's unlike any school administrator you've ever met. But the more he talks about how this school uses ED to enhance and individualize EDucation, the more you start to like what he has to say. And so, if you are truly fED up with the school stat
Roland Gesthuizen

5 Ways Higher Education Is Leveraging Mobile Ed - 61 views

    Mobile technology is on the minds of higher technologyucation professionals more than ever before. At the recent HightechnologyWeb conference in Austin, the itinerary includtechnology several ways schools can use social mtechnologyia, blogs and mobile technologynologies to better captivate its student body .. As tomorrow's grads become increasingly marritechnology to their mobile devices, here are five ways that mobile technology matters just as much as social technology in the higher technology space.
Roland Gesthuizen

The Future of Ed-Ed (Infographic) | Blog | eClassroom News - 63 views

    "In a recent post, Edudemic introducEd us to a very intricate, color-codEd visualization by Envisioning Ed on what to expect in Education Ed in the next 30 years or so. And these concepts are not broad generalizations- Envisioning Ed takes topics like digitizEd classrooms and tangible computing and segments them into practical ideas to produce a well-organizEd, cohesive diagram"
Randolph Hollingsworth

Horizon Report 2014 - New Media Consortium - 4 views

    Key Trends Accelerating Higher Ed Ed Adoption inc social mEdia and big data; Significant Challenges inc low digital fluency of faculty and keeping Education relevant; Important Developments in Ed Ed inc learning analytics, "quantifiEd self" and virtual assistants

Aspiring teachers ill-prepared to use ed ed effectively | eSchool News - 1 views

  • In spite of their comfort with using technology tools, two-thirds of aspiring teachers say they are learning how to integrate technology into instruction mostly through their field experiences as student teachers and by observing their professors, rather than the assignments they get in school.

PBL Tech | An Techucation Tech resource for Project BasTech Learning (PBL) - 80 views

    Ed Ed resources for PBL
Jim Connolly

Obama to push for new ed-ed agency | Featured Funding News | - 44 views

    Another federal agency with powers of the purse over education. Yeah, that's what we need.
    The very next entry in Diigo, (after this one about a new ed-ed agency) was an article about Victoria, Australia providing iPads for every student. Some of the classrooms in my school haven't even a single computer for the 27 students to use. Somebody needs to provide the leadership to help the U.S. keep up with the rest of the world. If it is a fed agency, so be it. Iit's better than what we have now (at least in my state) which is nothing.
Glenn Hervieux

How to Embrace & Implement Ed Ed in 2015 | Scholar Space - 49 views

    Nick Provenzano aka The Nerdy Teacher, shares his ideas on how to embrace and implement Ed. Ed. in 2015
Lee-Anne Patterson

Selling the Product - Tim Holt, Guest Blogger « Web 2.0 and Beyond - 0 views

    We do a crappy job of selling technology. Sure, we are great at convincing ourselves that technology-technology is good. We are great at throwing big parties like NECC and TCEA to convince ourselves that that we are doing the right thing. We read a lot. And we write a lot. We podcast a lot. And we RSS a lot. And we hire each other to speak at each other's conventions and workshops. We have done a great job of convincing ourselves that technology is important. The trouble is, we are not convincing anyone else outside of ourselves.
Diana Irene Saldana

50 Education Ed Tools Every Teacher Should Know About | Fluency21 - CommittEd Sardine Blog - 209 views

    "This article from Edudemic features an extensive list of some of the most awesome Ednological tools you can find for teaching and learning."
    "You want some great ed ed tools to use in your classroom? You got em'-50, to be exact! This article written by the folks from edudemic features an extensive list of some of the most awesome ednological tools you can find for teaching and learning. There's lots to explore here, so have fun!"
Gene Tognetti

Common Core & Ed Ed: Key Ed Terms in the CCSS - 112 views

    Number of occurrences of some key 'tech' or 21st c. learning terms in the ELA and Math CCSS
Jennie Snyder

Why schools must move beyond 'one-to-one computing' | eSchool News - 114 views

  • Adding a digital device to the classroom without a fundamental change in the culture of teaching and learning will not lead to significant improvement.
  • “one-to-world.”
  • The planning considerations now evolve from questions about technical capacity to a vision of limitless opportunities for learning.
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • As soon as you shift from “one-to-one” to “one-to-world,” it changes the focus of staff development from technical training to understanding how to design assignments that are more empowering—and engage students in a learning community with 24-hour support.
  • learning how to manage the transition from a learning ecology where paper is the dominant technology for storing and retrieving information, to a world that is all digital, all the time.
  • Leaders must be given the training to: Craft a clear vision of connecting all students to the world’s learning resources. Model the actions and behaviors they wish to see in their schools. Support the design of an ongoing and embedded staff development program that focuses on pedagogy as much as ed. Move in to the role of systems analyst to ensure that digital literacy is aligned with standards. Ensure that ed is seen not as another initiative, but as integral to curriculum.
  • In a one-to-world approach, the critical question is not, “What technology should we buy?” The more important questions revolve around the design of the culture of teaching and learning.
  • t’s essential to craft a vision that giving every student a digital device must lead to achievements beyond what we can accomplish with paper.
    Thoughtful article by ed-ed consultant, Alan November. 
Tim Adams

Why Ed Ed Is Not Transforming How Teachers Teach - Education Week - 78 views

    "A mountain of evidence indicates that educators have been painfully slow to use ed to change and improve the ways they teach." Thoughtful piece examining the reasons for slow transformation.
    "A mountain of evidence indicates that educators have been painfully slow to use ed to change and improve the ways they teach." Thoughtful piece examining the reasons for slow transformation.
Gene Tognetti

The 10 Best Schools To Get An Education Ed Masters Degree Online | Edudemic - 133 views

    This is an interesting list of 100% online ed ed masters at various schools. Looks like a legitimate source of information for those interesting in pursuing a master'd degree in education ed
Gene Tognetti

Thursday 3/14 is Pi Day! From Common Core and Educational Ed - 86 views

    2013 Pi Day is coming up 3/14. Here are some sites with fun and relevant class activities from our recently started blog supporting Common Core and ed ed. Please take a look at the site and provide any feedback! Thanks,
C Clausen

Weblogg-ed » I Don't Need Your Network (or Your Computer, or Your ed Plan, or Your…) - 70 views

    Technology is leading us down a new, amazing path!
    21st Century Skills for even the youngest of students.
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