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Ruth Sinker

Windows Keyboard PDF - 59 views

    PDF booklet intended to help students and teachers get more familiar with a Windows teacher. Includes blank teacher layouts in both Full and Focused options.
Philip Pulley

Cool Cat Teacher Blog: A New Workflow for Me: Ipad, Teacher, iPhone - 1 views

    • Philip Pulley
      Using Splashtop streamer at school, it both computer (laptop) and iPad are on the same wireless network you can control the computer from your iPad. If a hard wired internet connection on a desktop you can access it though your Google account.
  • I finished this post on my PC in the office because the Zemanta plug in
    • Philip Pulley
      A blogging tag tool, I need to check it out down the road when I am blogging more.
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  • and used the PowerTeacher
    Blog with resource information for iPad, iPhone and iPad keyboard.
Martin Burrett

nSpaces - 32 views

    This is a great downloadable application that give you up to 4 desktops on your computer for different activities and tasks. Have one for children and one for teachers. Switch with a teacher hotkey and you can even set a password to keep your desktop private.
Michael Garrity

Clawson Kids Learn - 67 views

    Three pages designed to provide elementary teachers resources for 1. Interactive Sites 2. Research & Internet Safety skills and 3. teachering skills.
Melissa Enderle

ShortcutMapper - Keyboard Shortcuts for Popular Apps - 48 views

    Visual shortcuts for popular apps. Press modifier keys to see more. Mac/PC
Geoff Chamberlain

Video Games Win a Beachhead in the Classroom - - 38 views

  • Go right! Go right! Go right!” the students were shouting. “Now down, down, down, downdowndown!” A few had lifted themselves onto their knees and were pounding invisible keyboards in front of them. “Whoa!” they yelled in unison, some of them instinctively ducking as Doyle’s sprite narrowly avoided a patrolling enemy.
  • snap up more points and calmly offered a piece of advice. “That extra movement cost you some precious time, Al,” he said, sounding almost professorial. “There are more points up there than what you need to finish.
  • Had he taught anything?
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  • watched a middle-school teacher named Al Doyle give a lesson, though not your typical lesson. This was New York City, a noncharter public school in an old building on a nondescript street near Gramercy Park, inside an ordinary room that looked a lot like all the other rooms around it, with fluor
Suzanne Nelson

IWB Classroom Management Solutions « classroom2point0 - 81 views

  • When the overhead projector was introduced, teachers everywhere celebrated.
  • With the introduction of Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs),
  • The slate is portable, wireless, and designed to respond to an electromagnetic (or similar technology) pen.
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  • Home Office Bundle – $15-$150 Buy a cordless mouse and keyboard bundle that utilizes a USB port or bluetooth technology.
  • As much as possible, have your students use your IWB. Your students should be front and center, writing vocabulary words, solving equations, drawing pictures, making diagrams, and transcribing classroom discussions.
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