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Martin Burrett

Rangoli Symmetry - 41 views

    Rangoli based symmetry exercise - An activity based on Rangoli Patterns to provide opportunities for illustrating reflective and rotational symmetry of order 4.
Mike Wampole

LINKS Learning for Kids: Math: Illustrated Lessons: Line Symmetry - 19 views

    Great symmetry review!
    Great review of symmetry!
Martin Burrett

Reflectional symmetry whiteboard resource - 45 views

    Simple reflectional symmetry tool which lets children/teachers put colours into four quadrants creating reflecting patterns.
Martin Burrett

Rotational Symmetry - 60 views

    Simple rotational symmetry tool which lets you put colours into four quadrants creating rotational patterns.
Martin Burrett

Symmetry Activity - 87 views

    A maths symmetry activity where users complete the mirror image by adding in squares.
Martin Burrett

Sammy's Symmetry Shuffle - 131 views

    A fun, simple flash game exploring symmetry of shapes. Choose from three levels of difficulty. Play full screen at
ZeroDivide .

Nova Fabric of the cosmos The illusion of time full video - YouTube - 48 views

  • The Evolution of Time and the Carnot Cycle at the Edge of the Universe
    We are all time travelers... drifting through time at a steady pace, one moment at a time. In what direction are we moving through time? Or does time move through us? How many dimensions of time are there? Though slightly allegorical, three-dimensional time offers physics new parameters, accounting for conventional and exotic physical phenomena, while maintaining the conservation of energy and symmetry groups found in physical law.  I began playing with the idea that all of physics could be reduced to just interactions between spatial and temporal coordinates. I wondered if inertia and momentum might be composed strictly of temporal components. This would require extra time dimensions. Could inertia or momentum be used as indicators of multi-dimensional time? What about charge, spin, and other properties of matter? Answers to some of these questions appeared to reside in neutrino research, specifically neutrino flavor oscillation.  The universality between Thermodynamics and Temporal Mechanics can reduce the fundamental forces of nature into a single expression, a new equivalence principle, which can be used as the generator for the evolution of time. Once Quantum Mechanics is seen through the lens of three-dimensional time, the EPR paradox looses its mystique. The speed of light may be restricted to a set speed limit within each individual frame of reference, however, frames of reference can undergo periods-of-time at varying rates of the passage-of-time. If the positive side of absolute zero is a state of condensed matter, what is on the negative side of absolute zero? Uncondensed matter?  The anti-matter aspect of the Dirac equations may have been misinterpreted. The convention is to assume that "matter" is composed of "particles" distinctly different from "antimatter" composed of "antiparticles". The assumption of one time dimension locks in this interpretation of the Dirac Equations. However, the uniform production of particles and antipa
Martin Burrett

Silk - 10 views

    "Draw with ribbons of colourful light and make beautiful pieces of digital art. Try making fantastical creatures out of light, or explore symmetry in maths."
Martin Burrett

Rotations symmetry teaching tool - 117 views

    A good maths whiteboard flash resource for learning rotational symetry.
Martin Burrett

Post the Shapes - Coordinates game - 2 views

    A game where students can practise their coordinates by moving shapes to fit in the correct space and using rotation, translation and reflection.

Silk - 81 views

    Have students to create visual works of art online. Silk is an interactive site where students can drag their mouse around on the page to create beautiful weaving & whirling designs. Drawing lines on the screen will add color to the moving art, & by speeding up or slowing down their movements the effect will change. Students can choose between 6 different colors, & 3 different modes of symmetry. Students can share their creation with a simple link. Have students describe their unique artwork as a description & creative writing exercise. Also available as an app for the iPad.
Martin Burrett

Webcam Toy - 44 views

    Children (and most adults) love looking at themselves on a webcam and this flash based site lets you add over 70 filters and effects. Use the snapshot button to grab an image. There are lots of ways to use this tool in class. Use the mirror functions in maths for symmetry and compile a music video by adding a screencast tool.
Marc Patton

Adrian Bruce's Educational Teaching Resources-Reading Games-Math Games-Educational Software-Motivational Posters-Line Symmetry-Readers Theater-Art Lessons-Science Lessons- - 80 views

    A good resource for teaching Literacy
    In recent years I have developed a reputation nationally and internationally in the field of education as an, '...exemplary user of Information and Communication Technologies in the modern classroom'.
kathy adkisson

E-Example 6.4.1: Understanding Congruence, Similarity, and Symmetry - 31 views

    Transformations Interactive
Carol Caywood

The Yellow Wallpaper, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman - 95 views

    • Carol Caywood
      How has the child ravaged her?
  • I must not let her find me writing
  • sub-pattern in a different shade
  • ...18 more annotations...
  • John thought it might do me good to see a little company
  • John says if I don't pick up faster he shall send me to Weir Mitchell in the fall
  • nd Jennie is good and lets me alone when I want her to
  • and follow that pattern about by the hour
  • I know this thing was not arranged on any laws of radiation, or alternation, or repetition, or symmetry, or anything else that I ever heard of.
  • optic horror
  • it is such a relie
  • how I wish he would let me go and make a visit to Cousin Henry and Julia
  • He said I was his darling and his comfort and all he had, and that I must take care of myself for his sake, and keep well.
  • I must use my will and self-control and not let any silly fancies run away with me
  • he baby is well and happy
  • There are things in that paper that nobody knows but me, or ever will.
  • ike a woman stooping down and creeping about behind that pattern
  • he faint figure behind seemed to shake the pattern, just as if she wanted to get out.
  • Of course if you were in any danger, I could and would, but you really are better, dear, whether you can see it or not. I am a doctor, dear, and I know. You are gaining flesh and color, your appetite is better, I feel really much easier about you."
  • "she shall be as sick as she pleases!
    • Carol Caywood
      talking to her in 3rd person
  • never for one instant let that idea enter your mind! There is nothing so dangerous, so fascinating, to a temperament like yours. It is a false and foolish fancy. Can you not trust me as a physician when I tell you so?"
Steve Kelly

Creating Online Content Mistakes | HotLunchTray - 66 views

  • No pattern to a unit/module. This is a functional component for students; if students can predict what comes next they are thinking about their learning. If you are just starting out, consider either creating one complete unit first or adding the same element/item to each unit at once. For instance add all discussion posts first, then go back and add all submissions to each unit – keep that symmetry as it equals predictability! Consider 3 Things your Online Content Says about You.
    • Steve Kelly
      Predictability is important for students... lets them focus their attention on the the content, and answer questions about it, not bog them down in questions about the format or what is expected of them...
    Quick reminders on mistakes to avoid when creating online content. Some you may not even think of considering...
Martin Burrett

Myoats - Create Something. - 79 views

    Make beautiful art with this symmetrical pattern creator. There are lots of options to try out and make varied designs.,+Craft+&+Design
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