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Leanne Schmidt

Mrs. Gebauer's Smartboard Resources - 185 views

    Smartboard resources from a website connected from Ms. Winston's
N Carroll

Smart Technology Sites - 127 views

    Listing of interactive sites to use with interactive. Some categorized by content area or Grade level
Jim Tiffin Jr

What makes an interactive whiteboard interactive? - Doug Johnson's Blue Skunk Blog - 25 views

  • But many advocates of this technology (myself included), see IWBs as genuine means of bringing more interactivity, more student-focus into classrooms of traditional teachers
  • What we don't want to forget is that someone who is coaching a teacher is not really looking for "good technology use" but for just good educational practices. Having an IWB is not going to change a lecturer into something else.
  • Any item in the Instruction domain can be enhanced using an IWB.
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  • just because a teacher has an IWB doesn't mean it has to be used every minute of the day. And yes, a teacher can create truly interactive lessons without using any technology whatsoever.
  • use the SmartNotebook software that works with the hardware to organize materials, to find and share lessons, and to seamlessly blend multimedia into lessons.
  • While popular (2007, 2010, interactive white boards (IWBs) are controversial even (or especially) among technology enthusiasts. The major complaint is that the use of these devices reinforces the "sage on the stage" teaching methodology. "The IWB is little more than a fancy overhead projector and its touch sensitive screen is only used to save the teacher a couple steps back to the computer to change a slide."
    Blog post that articulates some of the best practices for incorporating an interactive white board (IWB), like a interactive Board, into your classroom in meaningful and instructionally sound ways.
N Carroll

Smartboard Math Lessons - 95 views

    Site featuring Interactive Whiteboard activities
    Hi Harvey, Thank you so much for sharing this. I am a middle school language arts teacher and I was able to find the SMART exchange page from you posting. I am pioneering with a SMART board on wheels in my classroom with minimal support so this is great.
    SmartBoard lessons for math categorized by the different strands
Mr Casal

SMART Board video tutorials - 107 views

    Video Tutorials to help get smarter at using your smart Board smart whiteboard in the classroom Fusion Universal Management - Video Library
Steve C

Get Smart English 2 - 3 views

    Great collection of LA SmartBoard notebooks.
megan Heath

SMART Board Goodies - 24 views

  • watch your stickman come to life! This activity will be a hit in your classroom! My 4th graders loved it. What a hoot!
    A great repository of smartboard lessons/activites.
Eric Esterline

Google Custom Search - SMARTBoard Notebook Search Engine - 8 views

    Customized Google Search engine for Smart Notebook - embed it on your page
Mary Mjelde

Smart Exchange - 64 views

    This site offers lesson plans and templates to use on your smartboard during smartboard lessons.
Steve Ransom

Smart Boards: A classroom asset? - Local News from - 5 views

  • most common SmartBoard uses were showing videos and information from the Web.
    • Steve Ransom
      Yes... to project stuff. A wall would be a whole lot cheaper!
  • oschese now prefers the "$2 whiteboard," a two- by two-and-a-half foot dry-erase whiteboard a small group of students can use while working on a problem. That type of board is truly interactive, he said, and makes learning social.
  • "Interactive whiteboards don't really lend themselves to that kind of pedagogy," Noschese said. "I think the teaching style has a lot more impact on the kids than a piece of equipment."
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  • "It's still just showing them something on a screen," Noschese said. "It needs to be more student-centered."
  • Noschese still uses his SmartBoard, mainly as a projector.
  • Teacher training can reduce the risk of the devices being used as glorified projectors or reinforcing the lecture model.
Betty Powell

SMART Board Templates - 2 views

    great SMART board templates for all grade levels
    Smart Board Templates
Ryan Donnelly

Smart Notebook Gallery 2.0 : Beta now available | The Whiteboard Blog - 88 views

    Smart Notebook Gallery 2.0 : Beta now available

french lessons - SMART Board Revolution - 66 views

    There are several websites that have French Notebook files or websites that work great on the SMARTBoard. Here is the list that I have collected. If anyone has more to add, please add them so everyone can benefit.
Glenn Hervieux

7 Ways My Interactive Display Is a Key Part of My Student Centered Classroom - 36 views

    SMART Display
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