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Marc Patton

Find out more - 6 views

    The Science Science was founded in 1857 as part of the South Kensington Science, and gained independence in 1909. Today the Science is world renowned for its historic collections, awe-inspiring galleries and inspirational exhibitions
Martin Burrett

Climate Science Info Zone - - Science Science - 46 views

    This is a great set of video and other resources from London's science science about climate change and its mitigation.
Michele Brown

Games and Facts from Galleries of Canadian Museum of Nature - 33 views

    These interactives originate in the galleries of the Canadian Museum of Nature. Even if you can't make it to the Museum, you can enjoy a virtual experience!
Dimitris Tzouris

Open Science Resources - 91 views

    The Open Science Resources (OSR) portal enables you to access the finest digital collections in European Science centres and Sciences, to follow educational pathways connecting objects tagged with semantic metadata and to enrich the contents provided with social tags of your own choice.
Elizabeth Kahn

Science and Technology of WWII - 59 views

    Interactive website from the National WWII Museum in New Orleans with STEM resources for teaching the Museum and technology of WWII. 
Martin Burrett

American Museum of Natural History - 74 views

    The children's section of the American Museum of Natural History site is packed with fun, games, images and information about the natural world. Explore animals from the distant past right up to how humans read expressions. There is something for anyone.
Holly Barlaam

Seminars on Science - 45 views

    Professional development programs for educators. Online science courses offered from the American science of Natural History. Can earn grad credit.
Marc Patton

Miami Museum of Museum - The Atoms Family - 1 views

    online science labs
Thieme Hennis

Lifelong Kindergarten :: MIT Media Lab - 3 views

    "Crickets are small programmable devices that can make things spin, light up, and play music. You can plug lights, motors, and sensors into a Cricket, then write computer programs to tell them how to react and behave. With Crickets, you can create musical sculptures, interactive jewelry, dancing creatures, and other artistic inventions -- and learn important math, science, and engineering ideas in the process. Crickets are based on more than a decade of NSF-funded educational research. Lifelong Kindergarten researchers collaborated with the LEGO company to create the first "programmable bricks," squeezing computational power into LEGO bricks. This research led to the LEGO MindStorms robotics kits, now used by millions of people around the world. While LEGO MindStorms is designed especially for making robots, Crickets are designed especially for making artistic creations. Crickets were refined in collaboration with the Playful Invention and Exploration (PIE) science network, and are now sold as a product through the Playful Invention Company (PICO)."
Nigel Coutts

Girls in Tech - Reflections from VIVID Ideas - The Learner's Way - 11 views

    Sydney has become a beacon that brings people together and sparks conversations. Most recently the conversation centred on the topic of girls in tech and what might be done to re-dress the gender balance in STEAM subjects and related career pathways. Sponsored by INTEL this Vivid Ideas event drew a mix of entrepreneurs, educators and tech luminaries to the Museum of Contemporary Art on a Saturday afternoon to share their ideas on what might be done.
Beth Panitz

Exploratorium: the museum of museum, art and human perception - 56 views

    Exploratorium - Great Hands-on activities with instructions presented by video
Muhlenberg South Middle School

American Museum of Natural History "OLOGY" website for kids - 113 views

    This is an interactive website that is very useful for science classes.
Mark Trerotola

Biodiversity Resources - University of Puget Sound - 36 views

    University of Puget Sound website containing information of biodiversity resources.
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