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Jay Swan

100 Best (Free) Science Science Online - 99 views

    From site: "No matter how much you know, there is always something new to learn about science. While your college courses may cover the basics, you can get a more in-depth look at a wide variety of topics from Internet resources such as these great science. These selections will help you explore everything from the inner reaches of the human mind to the outer areas of our universe and just about everything else in between. Better yet, they're all free to watch online so you can learn more without spending a dime."
Dennis OConnor

James Burke - The Day The Universe Changed | Watch Free Documentary Online - 42 views

  • The Day the Universe Changed is a ten-part documentary television series presented by science historian James Burke. The series tells a series of stories of how specific scientific and technological advances have shaped the Western way of life.
    Links to the full documentary are online at this site. 
Christian King

incubate pictures: home - 50 views

    A half hour animated documentary that covers the science of oil production, resource deletion and growth. Perfect for discussions and lessons about sustainability.
Elizabeth Resnick

How to Bring Screenwriting into the Classroom | Edutopia - 4 views

  • Younger grades could create scripts for implied scenes in stories they read or films they watched together.
  • Other subject areas could benefit from encouraging students to think about what they can show on a screen to demonstrate understanding: from a documentary on rain in environmental science to historical interpretations of events, students can show their learning (reading screenplays is a nice break from reading essays, too).
    scroll down for ways to use screenwriting to other grades and other subjects.
Kenuvis Romero

John Crowley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 0 views

  • John Crowley (born December 1, 1942) is an American author of fantasy, science fiction and mainstream fiction. He studied at Indiana University and has a second career as a documentary film writer. He is best known as the author of Little, Big (1981), which received the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel and has been called "a neglected masterpiece" by Harold Bloom[3] and his Aegypt series of novels which revolve around the same themes of Hermeticism, memory, families and religion.
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