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Adrienne Michetti

GLOBE: Home - 56 views

    A worldwide hands-on, primary and secondary school-based science and education program. GLOBE's vision promotes and supports students, teachers and scientists to collaborate on inquiry-based investigations of the environment and the Earth system working in close partnership with NASA and NSF Earth System science Projects (ESSPs) in study and research about the dynamics of Earth's environment.
P Burish

Lawrence Hall of Science - 24/7 Science - 137 views

    From Free Technology for Teachers: has two basic sections, a game section and an activities section. The games section offers twenty-five online games for students to play independently. The hands-on activities section offers thirteen hands-on science learning activities that students can do with the supervision of their teachers or parents to learn about plants, animals, and Earth science.
Martin Burrett

SciShow - YouTube - 108 views

    This is a fabulous and fascinating YouTube channel where all sorts of science ideas are explored and explained in a friendly and engaging way. The topics range from near Earth Asteroid to dung beetles. The videos often cover science stories that are currently in the news.
eva harvell

Earth Science - 2 views

    The investigations and visualizations on this site were designed to accompany Earth Science, a high school textbook authored by Spaulding and Namowitz and published by McDougal Littell. The Web site was developed by TERC, a non-profit educational research and development firm in collaboration with McDougal Littell. Funding was provided by the National Science Foundation.
Martin Burrett

Dynamic Earth - 154 views

    A superb interactive science resource about the structure of the Earth, plate Tectonics, earthquakes and volcanoes.
Gerald Carey

Do Humans Matter? | Culture of Science - 4 views

    The History of the Earth as a clock. Very impressive way of showing how much time has passed since the formation of the Earth - according to Science.
Martin Burrett

Twig Science Films - 169 views

    A useful collection of science videos to use with your class on topics including about the Structure of the Earth and what is DNA.
Jay Swan

Interactive Science Simulations - 91 views

    Simulations for science and math. (Physics, biology, chemistry, earth science, and math.) Also divided by grade level.
Jac Londe

12/21/12: Definitely Not the End of the World | Wired Science | - 29 views

  • There is not a single iota of evidence that large-scale planetary alignments cause changes in geologic events – like earthquakes and eruptions – on Earth. The only celestial bodies that could play some role – and there is some evidence that suggest that they may, in minor ways – are the Sun and the Moon. This is due to their relative close proximity (especially the moon) and their mass. I’ve covered some of this in my discussion of why the so-called “Supermoons” are silly and play no role in increasing/decreasing geologic events. What about the alignment with the galactic center? The center of the galaxy must exert some force on the Earth (and solar system) or we wouldn’t be orbiting it. However, beyond that fact that alignments like this happen all the time, the force that the galactic center exerts on Earth is ~0.00006x that of the Moon on Earth and ~0.00000037x that of the Sun, doesn’t it seem a little ridiculous to claim that the galactic center can change anything on Earth if the Sun and the Moon cause little-to-no effect on geologic events?
Glenn Hervieux

Ecosystem Explorer | EARTH A New Wild | Science | Interactive | PBS LearningMedia - 46 views

    "Inspired by content from the upcoming PBS series EARTH A New Wild, the Ecosystem Explorer is a collection of videos, games, and infographics designed to take students deep into the ecosystems of three thrilling animals: vultures, wolves, and sharks. Use the related videos highlighted below to introduce each ecosystem and discover that the relationship between animals and humans is often much more complicated than we realize. Then, encourage students to play through the interactive and discover more exciting science about the ecology and conservation of these three worlds."
Wolverhampton CLC - 61 views

    Hundreds of free to use interactive science resources, mainly aimed at Key Stage 3 to 4 but also suitable for Key stages 1 and 2.
Martin Burrett

The Water Cycle - 125 views

    A useful interactive science presentation about the water cycle.
Martin Burrett

Science | Interact with Your World - 1 views

    Watch great science animations and other resource which have been especially designed for children.

Exploring Planets in the Classroom: Hands-on science activities - 46 views

    • anorred79
      Plantary properties has a great lesson for your weight and age on other planets.
  • More than 25 hands-on science activities are provided in classroom-ready pages for both teachers and students for exploring Earth, the planets, geology, and space sciences.
    Great space activities for 6th grade science
Martin Burrett

Sun & Moon Scope - 86 views

    A well designed science 3D simulation showing the position of the sun and moon from any position on the Earth in real time or at a certain time in the past or future. Also see the moon phase and sun rise and set times.
Judy Robison

Thematic Mapping Engine - - 64 views

    Thematic Mapping Engine provides users with a very simple way to create Google Earth kmz files. Thematic Mapping draws on data provided by the United Nations to create maps depicting all types of development data and environmental science data. Users select a statistical indicator category, select a year or range of years, and the manner in which they would like the data displayed in Google Earth.
Martin Burrett

Geography 4 Kids - 89 views

    This image-rich site contains a wealth of fascinating geography and Earth science information.
Holly Barlaam

Science Review Games - 109 views

    Games for students and teachers to use to review science concepts
Christian King

Schools Resources | Sciences Schools' Resources - 20 views

    A fantastic free quarterly e-science education magazine and some school science resources from the University of Adelaide. The Magazine is available as a free iPad version which is excellent and includes class resources (videos, audio, worksheets) to bring it into the classroom. Highly recommended.
Betty Powell, Earth, and Moon in Motion - 0 views

    Explains the rotation of the earth around the sun and moon around the earth.
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