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Martin Burrett

The Scale of the Universe - 118 views

    An amazing resource which shows the relative scales of things in the universe and guaranteed to make you feel insignificant. But wow it's good.
Justin Medved

Cell Size and Scale - 94 views

    This is amazing!
Gerald Carey

Magnifying the Universe - 4 views

    Terrific interactive showing the size of various items from atoms to the universe. Great for a white board! Hat tip to Free Technology for Teachers - a great resource and blog.
Martin Burrett

Magnifying the Universe - 6 views

    A great resource for viewing the very biggest and very smallest things in the universe, ranging from galaxies to insects, nebulae and stars to molecules and atoms.
Matt Renwick

When a Bookstore Closes, an Argument Ends - The New Yorker - 21 views

  • once a bookstore is gone we lose the particular opportunities for adjacency it offers,
  • Restaurants, bookstores, cafés—on a grander scale railway stations, on a lesser one chessboards near park benches—are the sinews of civil society.
  • Enlightenment happened more often in a café than a classroom.
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  • By atomizing our experience to the point of alienation—or, at best, by creating substitutes for common experience (“you might also like…” lists, Twitter exchanges instead of face-to-face conversations)—we lose the common thread of civil life.
  • Books are not just other luxury items to be shopped for. They are the levers of our consciousness.
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