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Sharin Tebo

JOLT - Journal of Online Learning and Teaching - 62 views

  • All of them responded that Twitter allows them to build connections with educators beyond those in their immediate vicinity. These connections are purposefully made as a way to find and share resources and to provide and receive support. For example, Participant 8 stated, “My primary purpose is to connect with other teachers, so that I can learn from them and share resources that I find.” Similarly, Participant 9 wrote, “I am the only biology teacher at my school. I use it [Twitter] as a means of obtaining advice, resources and collaboration…I also use it to find out about new tech tools.”
  • Twitter has helped me to build a strong professional reputation
  • they follow educators. They also follow content experts and others who share professional interests.
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  • Participants explained that they choose to follow people who are open, positive, and constructive.
  • “If their tweets seem to be of interest - providing ideas or resources, as opposed to just opinion - I will network with them.” Similarly, Participant 6 stated, “I look for people who interact and don't just post links.”
  • those they trust
  • Survey results show that nine out of ten of the respondents were able to give concrete examples of collaboration that occurred with fellow Twitter users.
  • Since Twitter is considered to be a social networking website, one aspect of this study looked at dialogue that transpired between followers to show evidence of collaborative conversations rather than unidirectional sharing of information.
  • These examples included ideas such as creating units, sharing of resources, students collaborating on projects between classrooms, exchanging professional materials and readings, writing book chapters, and even co-presenting at conferences.
  • beyond 140-character messages. That teachers moved discussions to forums that allow for deeper discussion and expansion of ideas is encouraging; Twitter does not seem to be a place to collaborate in depth, but rather to make those initial connections - a "jumping off" point.
  • how using Twitter has benefited them professionally. Four unique themes emerged from their responses: Access to resources Supportive relationships Increased leadership capacity Development of a professional vision
  • practical resources and ideas as a benefit.
  • opportunities for them to take leadership roles in developing professional development, organizing conferences, publishing, and grant writing.
  • This research study provides new insight into how teachers use social networking sites such as Twitter for professional purposes.
    Impacts of Twitter on professional lives
amy musone

Connected Educators, Connected Families / Browse Our Publications / Publications & Connected / HFRP - Harvard Family Research Project - 29 views

    Joe Mazza shares how families connect at his school.
Roland Gesthuizen

What Does It Mean to Be a Connected Educator? | Edutopia - 48 views

    "For many of us, becoming a connected educator transformed our lives. Suddenly, we had access to networks of experts and peers invested in improving education practices and willing to share their favorite tools, connected, and strategies. .. So share with us: Tell us your stories about being a connected educator. What has it meant for you? How has it transformed student learning in your classroom? What tools and connected do you rely on most?"
Roland Gesthuizen

TES Connect - Teaching Jobs, Teaching Resources & Community - 60 views

    "TES Connect is a social network that allows teachers to network, share resources and search for jobs. It is the world's largest social network for a single profession and allows teachers to connect with other professionals to find and share their best classroom resources and advice."
Debra Spear

Coordinates: Hidden Message - - 7 views

    A worksheet generator that allows a user to type in a message, that can be revealed by plotting the correct points on a coordinate grid. Anyone who struggles with plotting points can use this one!
    another great graphing resource to practice graphing points on a coordinate plane. You type in a message - a worksheet is created with list of points that, when plotted and connected, form the message.
    another great graphing resource to practice graphing points on a coordinate plane. You type in a message - a worksheet is created with list of points that, when plotted and connected, form the message.
Michele Brown

TeachTec's Tools for Schools - 17 views

    Some very interesting Microsoft applications that might be suitable for schools. It includes Beginner Developer, Chemistry Add-in for Word, Education Labs for Maths test creation, Microsoft Robotics and others. Hat tip to Skipz
    A great place to find tech tools to use with MS Office programs. Find and download alll of Microsoft's free tools for teachers and students.  Updated 3.18.2012 Microsoft Partners in Learning helps educators connect, collaborate, create and share. TeachTec is a Microsoft Partners in Learning resource that helps educators find relevant and effective ways to use technology to inspire teaching and engage students. Together we have consolidated the latest and most popular teacher and student resources that Microsoft provides to all schools, districts and education organizations around the world.
Roland Gesthuizen

Making Connections and Building Your PLN [Video] | Edmodo - Where learning happens. - 1 views

    "Building a personal learning network (PLN) is a great way to exchange ideas, share resources, collaborate and get inspired. Teacher connections can be made with various web tools like Edmodo and Twitter, but did you know you can easily create a PLN within your district through Edmodo?"
Glenn Hervieux

5 Ways to Quickly Get Your Students On the Same Webpage - 107 views

    See these five great ways to connect your students to not only websites, but other resources and activities you want them to connect to.
Lisa Branon

Library Resources > Home - 61 views

    • Lisa Branon
      This is Spring Branch library resource page. You can go to databases, search engines, or find multiple resources for teaching and learning. 
  • Mission The Learning Commons  EMPOWERS students to globally EXPLORE  for information by CONNECTING  them to the world. Students will inquire, collaborate, and critically think as they gain knowledge, draw conclusions from skillful research, and ethically use new information to CREATE  final products. E2C2@yourLearningCommons
  • Mission The Learning Commons   EMPOWERS students to globally   EXPLORE    for information by   CONNECTING   them to the world. Students will inquire, collaborate, and critically think as they gain knowledge, draw conclusions from skillful research, and ethically use new information to   CREATE   final products. E2C2@yourLearningCommons  
Leanne Schmidt

Mrs. Gebauer's Smartboard Resources - 185 views

    Smartboard resources from a website resources from Ms. Winston's
Shannon Knight

Discovery Education Community | Digital textbooks and standards-aligned educational resources - 20 views

    "The Discovery Education Community is a community of practice focused on connecting educators to their most valuable resource, each other. Whatever your role in education, you deserve a supportive learning environment that helps you improve your practice, provides valuable networking opportunities, fosters the sharing of great ideas, and focuses on the joy of teaching and learning."
Marty Daniel

Hampton Roads MODSIM Initiative - *MODSIM Web Resources - 49 views

    Lessons and resources for those interested in Modeling and Simulation (MODSIM).
    An amazing collection of resources on Simulations and Modeling with connections to Math and Science curriculum.

Education World: Are You a Techno-Constructivist? - 33 views

  • not only complements instruction but redefines it.
    • missboess
      This statement encompasses what I am trying to achieve in this resource design assessment. It also clearly links to the SMAR model of best ICT use in education, by implementing learning experience with technology that 'redefines' the activity. Meaning the activity is something that could not be done without the technology used.
  • help children build on their own experiences, construct their own meanings, create products, and solve problems successfully.
    • missboess
      Encompasses the constructivist theory I am using in the resource design and furthermore links to the method of inquiry.
  • long-term problem-solving and product-generating tasks
    • missboess
      In my resource design students will take part in a long term water sustainability project. A website will assist them in attaining access to multiple resources, communication with the outerworld (blogging) and creating products such as videos, visuals etc.
    • oconnortammy
      How are you helping your students to connect to the outside world? Are they having dialogues with others?
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  • See The Webquest Page or for endless materials.)
    • missboess
      Webquest was used as an inspiration for my resource design, as it provides a useful platform for inquiry units to be created. There are endless examples on there. I really recommend you have a look at them. I decided to create my own website on weebly, as it provided more options and interactivity.
Martin Burrett

The Virtual Circuit - 92 views

    A science resource about electrical circuits. Build a lots of circuits based on instructions.
  • ...1 more comment...
    This connection did not work.
    This one does:
    I went to Martin Burrett's site and was instructed to go to
Dimitris Tzouris

Open Science Resources - 91 views

    The Open Science Resources (OSR) portal enables you to access the finest digital collections in European science centres and museums, to follow educational pathways connecting objects tagged with semantic metadata and to enrich the contents provided with social tags of your own choice.
Bridget Kyi

Arts Education Resources and Lesson Plans | CARE - Collaborative Arts Resources for Education - 67 views

    Lots of detailed lesson plans for art instruction, with connections to related subject areas like language arts.
Michele Brown

The Teacher's Corner - Lesson Plans, Worksheets and Activities - 103 views

    There are lots of resources on this site. Plenty of projects, lesson plans and activities.  They have online collaboration projects that connect classrooms around the world.  The 2012-2013 school year is now open.

Resource: Online Metro Map Creator - 41 views

    Help pupils make connections in their learning with a metro/underground map.
Mac Jackson

Digital Is - 21 views

    What qualifies as "text" is shifting every bit as much as our ever-changing definition of literacy. This resource expands our definition of texts, relying on John Greene's central principals that stories are: a). about communication, b). acts of empathy, c). opportunities to think critically and thoughtfully, thereby connecting us with each other, and d). springboards to learn more about others, our world around us, and ultimately, ourselves.
Kelly Boushell

Everyday Mathematics Online Games - 88 views

    "Below are a number of resources for parents to further supplement lessons with online games to play at home. The links below may provide students with an opportunity for practice. These websites are not resources to CEMSE or to Everyday Mathematics and our posting them does not constitute an endorsement."
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