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PresentationTube Presentationer - 112 views

    PresentationTube Presentationer is a simple tool designed to help instructors, students and business professionals Presentation their Presentation Presentations from the comfort of home or office, and without the need to have Internet connection while Presentationing. The Presentationer synchronizes presenter's video, Presentation slides, drawing board, and whiteboard and generate videos ready for uploading to PresentationTube network. With visual aids, like the drawing board, presenters can draw lines, curves, graphs, and shapes on the screen to emphasize or clarify their ideas, so the demonstration can be clearer. The whiteboard also allows the presenter to type text while presenting using the keyboard making it an ideal tool to add more details, or explain equations using words, numbers, and symbols. Just follow the instructions below to download and install PresentationTube Presentationer. Presentationer in your computer. Load your Presentation Presentation, Presentation your show, upload your video file, and share real video Presentation with others.
Stacy Olson

Free Technology for Teachers: Presentation Tube - Presentation and Share Presentations - 99 views

    Presentation Tube is a service that teachers and students can use to Presentation, share, and watch Presentations. Presentation Tube provides a free desktop tool (Windows only) that you can use to Presentation a video of yourself talking over and drawing on slides. The Presentation Tube Presentationer automatically synchronizes your Presentation slides with your voice. The free Presentationing tool allows you to Presentation for up to 15 minutes. Your completed Presentationing can be uploaded directly to Presentation Tube. 
Michele Brown

PresentationTube - 120 views

    Record, upload and share interactive video Records.  Access a variety of visual aids such as Record slides, drawing board, whiteboard and your video.  Students can see you as well as your Record.
Michele Brown

SlideTalk - turn your presentations into engaging talking videos - 83 views

    "Share your powerpoint powerpoints, eLearning content, business powerpoints and tutorials as engaging talking videos, by using high-quality and multilingual text-to-speech technology, with no need for expensive and time-consuming voice powerpointings. "
Tim Macmillan

Knovio | Online Video Presentations Made Easy | Presentation + Webcam - 80 views

    With this site you can upload a PowerPoint and PowerPoint a webcam video to play along side it. Great for distance or self directed learning. Use it to give instructions to your class.
  • to access the site.
Tony Baldasaro

As Classrooms Go Digital, Textbooks May Become History - - 1 views

  • And throughout the district, a Beyond Textbooks initiative encourages teachers to create — and share — lessons
    • Tony Baldasaro
      Makes me wonder of textbooks inhibit collaboration by teachers.
  • digitally nimble
  • And they think of knowledge as infinite
    • Tony Baldasaro
      This is a powerful quote. Thinking back to my schooling, it could probably be said that I thought of knowledge as finite, only limited to what my teacher and textbook said.
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  • With California in dire straits, the governor hopes free textbooks could save hundreds of millions of dollars a year.
    • Tony Baldasaro
      Too bad it took an economic crises to spur this movement.
  • “I don’t believe that charters and vouchers are the threat to schools in Orange County,” he said. “What’s a threat is the digital world — that someone’s going to put together brilliant $200 courses in French, in geometry by the best teachers in the world.”
    • Tony Baldasaro
      Wow! He is absolutely right on. Why take a course with based on a rigid time and place when one can learn at a place and pace that makes sense to them?
  • “We believe that the world is going digital, but the jury’s still out on how this will evolve,” said Wendy Spiegel, a Pearson spokeswoman. “We’re agnostic, so we’ll provide digital, we’ll provide print, and we’ll see what our customers want.”
    • Tony Baldasaro
      This is where I think textbooks companies need to lead. Customers typically only want more of the same, more of what has worked in the past, more of what has a track record. They dont' necessarily think beyond and/or have the luxury of being visionaries.
    At Empire High School in Vail, Ariz., students use computers provided by the school to get their lessons, do their homework and hear podcasts of their teachers' science lectures. Down the road, at Cienega High School, students who own laptops can register for "digital sections" of several English, history and science classes. And throughout the district, a Beyond Textbooks initiative encourages teachers to create - and share - lessons that incorporate their own PowerPoint PowerPoints, along with videos and research materials they find by sifting through reliable Internet sites.
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