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maureen greenbaum

The Protégé Effect | Psychology Today - 27 views

  • most cutting-edge tool under development is the “teachable agent” — a computerized character who learns, tries, makes mistakes and asks questions just like a real-world pupil.
  • Stanfor
  • Student tutors feel chagrin when their virtual pupils fail; when the characters succeed, they feel what one expert calls by the Yiddish term nachas.
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  • Betty’s Brain, who has been “taught” about environmental science by hundreds of middle school students. Even though users’ interactions with Betty are virtual, the social impulses that make learning-by-teaching so potent still come into play
  • The Protégé Effect
Diego J. Vigueras Gonzalez

Science: A New Map of the Human Brain - - 75 views

    Not Left and Right brains -not cientific Evidence-, but four different brains
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