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Peter Olm

Thought Control. - 1 views

    Thinking, literacy and education in the middle years of educationing
Brian Mull

Education Week's Digital Directions: Educators Move Beyond the Hype Over Skype - 52 views

    • Brian Mull
      This isn't just for Skype. Anything we do in the classroom should be targeting specific educational goals.
    • Brian Mull
      ...or connecting with university professors or experts in the field.
    • Brian Mull
      Some, such as brian Crosby have done this.
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  • In Virginia’s Albemarle County district, Fisher encourages her teachers to use Skype and other collaboration tools because she believes there is no equivalent for giving students an audience for their work. She compares it to a team sport, in which the Skype activity is game day, and other days of class spent in preparation are like after-school practices. “The fact that there’s a game on Friday night ramps up practice on Monday afternoon,” says Fisher. “When you look at what the Web allows us to do, every kid in your classroom can have a worldwide audience. That’s true for writing, and that’s true for some of these school-presentation types of things,” such as videoconferencing.
  • But according to research funded by Skype Technologies, finding other teachers to connect with remains more frustrating for educators interested in using Skype than gaining permission from administrators and school technology personnel to use the software.
    • Brian Mull
      But make no mistake - the latter is still a frustrating sticking point in many schools and districts.
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