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Jac Londe

Limites d'exposition humaine à l'énergie électromagnétique radioélectrique dans la gamme de fréquences de 3 kHz à 300 GHz - 6 views

    Quelle est notre capacité d'absorption des ondes életromagnétiques ?
Jac Londe

All Measures and Formulas - 48 views

    Everything you need to know about formats and calculations for all kinds of chemical elements and materials
Jac Londe

The Electron is round. Incredibly round | ZME Science - 59 views

  • The experiments, which spanned more than a decade, suggest that the electron differs from being round by less than 0.000000000000000000000000001 cm. Just so you can get an estimate, if the electron were as big as the solar system, it would still be spherical to within the width of a human hair.
  • a team from the Imperial College London concluded that the electron is actually incredibly round, thus making the most accurate estimate of its shape.
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