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Scott Kinkoph

BYOD: Increase Chances for Success! - 44 views


started by Scott Kinkoph on 22 Oct 12 no follow-up yet
Christopher Carlson

Wiggio - Makes it easy to work in groups. - 107 views

shared by Christopher Carlson on 15 Nov 10 - Cached
    • Josh Flores
      If we didn't use Moodle, I'd use this in the classroom. The maximum upload size is 100 MBs.
    • Todd Murdock
      I moved to Wiggio after Ning went to a fee-based site. As a teacher and a coach I could have gotten a free Ning site, but it was only the basics. I love the flexibility Wiggio gives me to upload video and audio. I will use it again next year and am promoting Wiggio to everyone I meet.
    • John Dorn
      Can you control the messaging at all? I also use Edmodo and like the ability to see everyones messages.
    • Janet Peters
      I wisht that you could group edit / wiki on wiggio - then it would really be perfect.
    Group messaging service
    I heard about this service from an iTunesU video series on using Web2.0 in teaching. Basically, it's a very integrated form of groupware.
    it provides everything you need to work productively in your groups, without bogging you down with complexities and unnecessary features. Wiggio is currently used by over 100,000 groups
Nancy Schmidt

Langwitches Blog » 21st Century PD- Practice What you Preach - 74 views

    • Nancy Schmidt
      Anyone have ideas on how to model 21st century skills in an environment which blocks many of these web2.0 tools?
    Nancy: You need a phased attack. Phase one involves marshaling the technologies you do have handy to create communication with parents. Use Twitter for homework updates, essential questions about reading assignments, a "writer's tip of the day" etc. This is what I call a "tier 1" communication. This technology gives few details, but provides parents talking points during dinner conversation with their kids. Then use your website to add the major details, evaluation rubrics, blogging, etc. What I like to provide are "desktop" videos that capture you using or modeling Web 2.0 technologies, and their potential in the classroom. Post these on your website and say something like, "Blocked here at [your school] but you can perhaps use these tools at home..." When parents start to see the same text appear over and over as a caption or comment in your video, they just might get angry enough to go to the superintendent, or the IT "integration specialist" and say, "Enough! Give this teacher the tools she needs!" We're fighting this battle everywhere. Educators are being treated like children who don't have a clue. Keep fighting the good fight and good luck!
Terry Elliott

edtechpost » The Pros and Cons of Loosely Coupled Teaching - 0 views

  • Exercise Briefly look at 2-3 examples of courses run on "loosely coupled technologies," that is, outside of a CMS using contemporary Web 2.0/social software tools and methods.
    Diigo is built for the notion of "loosely-coupled-teaching" . Every day in my classroom I improvise around a core of web2.0 pedagogies.
Daryl Bambic

global_professions - 28 views

    • Daryl Bambic
      That's why we need to learn the common culture of web2.0 tools and be comfortable with this new technology.  What he is speaking of is an important part of the new agenda in education.
  • Members of this group therefore may be more likely to think of themselves as "citizens of the world."
    • Daryl Bambic
      This is very obvious to me when I read the bloggers who are at the cutting edge of educational reform.

SEOmoz's Web 2.0 Awards - 62 views

shared by nflspike on 27 Mar 12 - Cached
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