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Martin Burrett

Linking multiplication and division - 98 views

    A great division/multiplication flash based whiteboard resource where users arrange numbers and signs in the right order.
Martin Burrett

Are you a Math Magician? - 70 views

    A good whiteboard resource for practising the four operations. Choose from two difficulty levels and to practise mixed or a single operation.
Martin Burrett

+ - x ÷ Maths Bingo - 87 views

    A great maths bingo whiteboard game. Work out the questions to find the bingo number. Download the Bingo slips from
Martin Burrett

Learn your tables - 86 views

    A great resource for learning times tables. Use on a whiteboard or set as online home/class work to learn times tables.
Martin Burrett

Placing Calculations on a Number Line - 57 views

    A nice flash whiteboard resource where users are given a multiplication question to answer by dragging along a numberline.
Katie Nettles

Interactive Whiteboards Enhance Classroom Instruction and Learning | NEA Member Benefits - 18 views

  • A teacher can create engaging lessons that focus on one task such as a matching activity where students use either their fingers or a pen to match items. Another teacher might integrate multiple items into a lesson plan such as websites, photos, and music that students can interact with, respond to verbally or even write comments on the board itself.
    • Katie Nettles
      Key-words… ENGAGING and INTERACT!  It's more than just a projector! 
  • Interactive whiteboards facilitate multisensory learning
Martin Burrett

Multiplication Puzzle - 68 views

    A great maths resource where you choose which tables to use then complete the multiplication grid.
Dean Whaley

iowaonlinelearning - Teaching Standards - 27 views

  • Creates a learning community that encourages collaboration and interaction, including student-teacher, student-student, and student-content (SREB D.2, Varvel VII.B, ITS 6.a)
    • Dean Whaley
      What I see in these is that many of these we should be doing already.
  • AEA PD Online Website HomeAbout UsFAQsCurrent InitiativesResearch & ResourcesInstructor ToolboxK-12 Online LearningProject OLLIE Current Projects • Transition Process• Marketing Plan• Job Descriptions guest · Join · Help · Sign In · Teaching StandardsProtected page Details and Tags Print Download PDF Backlinks Source Delete Rename Redirect Permissions Lock discussion (1) history notify me Details last edit by eabbey Mar 11, 2011 6:56 am - 26 revisions Tags none Iowa Online Teaching Standards Composed from Iowa Teaching Standards and Other Resources 1. Demonstrates ability to enhance academic performance and support for the agency's student achievement goals (ITS 1) • Knows and aligns instruction to the achievement goals of the local agency and the state, such as with the Iowa Core (Varvel I.A, ITS 1.f, ITS 3.a) • Continuously uses data to evaluate the accuracy and effectiveness of instructional strategies (SREB J.7, ITS 1.c) • Utilizes a course evaluation and student feedback data to improve the course (Varvel VI.F) • Provides and communicates evidence of learning and course data to students and colleagues (SREB J.6, ITS 1.a) 2. Demonstrates competence in content knowledge (including technological knowledge) appropriate to the instructional position (ITS 2) • Meets the professional teaching standards established by a state-licensing agency, or has the academic credentials in the field in which he or she is teaching (SREB A.1, Varvel II.A) • Knows the content of the subject to be taught and understands how to teach the content to students (SREB A.3, Varvel II.A, ITS 2.a) • Is knowledgeable and has the ability to use computer programs required in online education to improve learning and teaching, including course management software (CMS) and synchronous/asynchronous communication t
Roberta Bandfield

Professor Garfield Intro - 29 views

    Good whiteboard activites - multiple ages, pre-reading, reading, math, art etc.
Martin Burrett

Sum Sense - multiplication game - 1 views

    A flash based maths game where players arrange numbers to make multipication questions make sense.
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