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Kathy Favazza

Instructional Technology Department - Resources - 5 views

    great resource for smartboard smartboards
N Carroll

Smartboard Math Smartboards - 95 views

    Site featuring Interactive Whiteboard activities
    Hi Harvey, Thank you so much for sharing this. I am a middle school language arts teacher and I was able to find the SMART exchange page from you posting. I am pioneering with a SMART board on wheels in my classroom with minimal support so this is great.
    SmartBoard SmartBoards for math categorized by the different strands
Beth Panitz

Promethean Planet - Interactive Teacher Community, Interactive Whiteboard Lessons and Lesson, Online Lesson Plans, Teaching Lesson - Promethean Planet - 65 views

    Teaching community exchanging resources and resourcess using whiteboard technology
N Carroll

Smart Technology Sites - 127 views

    Listing of interactive sites to use with SmartBoard. Some categorized by content area or Grade level
megan Heath

SMART Board Goodies - 24 views

  • watch your stickman come to life! This activity will be a hit in your classroom! My 4th graders loved it. What a hoot!
    A great repository of smartboard smartboards/activites.
David Sladkey

80 free graphs for SMARTBoard - 133 views

    Download a free gallery collection file for your SMARTBoard. There are pre-made graphs that you can slide into any SMARTBoard with ease. Graphs include standard rectangle graphs, polar graphs, trig graphs, number lines, and special colored graphs.

french lessons - SMART Board Revolution - 66 views

    There are several websites that have French Notebook files or websites that work great on the SMARTBoard. Here is the list that I have collected. If anyone has more to add, please add them so everyone can benefit.

Teachers' Cafe - 3 views

    Elementary Specialist Ideas. PE, Music, Art. Lesson Plans.
Deborah Baillesderr

Free Teaching Resources, Resources Plans & Worksheets - Promethean Planet - Promethean Planet - 53 views

    I'm sure Promethean Planet has been listed before, but for those who haven't heard, this site has so many resources across all curriculum areas.
Shannon Knight

Smart Exchange - 14 views

    Smart Exchange for Math. A training, content, and community site.
Mike MacBeth

Storyboard That For Classroom | Teacher Free Trial - 8 views

    Storyboard That is a robust web tool that allows students to create and edit Storyboards. This site is simple to use and allows users to drag and drop stick figures and screen elements, as well as add their own content, to the storyboard time line. Enough tools and features to be really useful and not too many to confuse young users, this is a nice way for students to create storyboards for class projects, videos, or anything else you can think of including comic strips. There is a nice educator portal which has some lesson plans and example student work. Not free, but free trial and reasonably priced for teachers
    "Bring the world's best storyboard creator into your classroom! From first grade to graduation, Storyboard That engages students with digital storytelling in the classroom."
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