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Jennie Snyder

Learning "With" vs. Learning "About" - 90 views

  • What is extremely important though is that we recognize the difference between “learning about learning” and “learning with learning”.  Leaders need to understand that distinction.  The second statement opened my eyes to things that I honestly never knew existed in all elements of learning and learning, and I believe has led me to do my best to help others learn along with me.
    Thoughtful post by George Couros on leading in a context of change. Moving forward -- key ideas knowing the distinction between learning about v. learning with learning
Roland Gesthuizen

International Society for Technology in Education - Technology > A Rose is Still a Rose: Translating NETS*S from Abstraction to Action - 107 views

    The NETS help guide technology planning and curriculum development for all grade levels and provide a roadmap for digital age technology, teaching and technology .. Recently, educators working on a NETS web page for staff and students tackled the challenge by translating the NETS for Students into action verbs .. Here's what they've come up with:"
    Great to see these technology curriculum standards broken down into easy to digest verbs!
Clint Heitz

10 Things School Leaders Do to Kill a Teacher's Enthusiasm for Technology - 115 views

  • 9. Fail to provide training and additional resources needed for tech implementation. Training with an expert user is always a plus, even when using someone on staff as that expert. Even more important is providing time for the teacher to explore, experiment, and "play" with the technology. As far as resources, school leaders need to make sure teachers have all they need to implement new technologies: everything from powerbars to tables. Nothing can be more frustrating than having your greatest tech plans foiled by a lack of power outlets.
    • Clint Heitz
      Very true! Research has shown that the most successful technology interests are those that have proper support and professional development.
  • 5. Fail to provide adequate hardware and/or software.  I've seen so many examples of this over the years. Teachers are encouraged to get students writing and engaging in online blogging, but they don't have access to computers. Another example is even more ludicrous; students being asked to create 21st century projects yet they aren't given anything but 20th century tools such a colored pencils and construction paper. It is the school leader's responsibility to ensure teachers have adequate hardware and software for implementing blogging.             
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    • Clint Heitz
      So difficult to be innovative and relevant when using outdated tools and materials that can't even support the tools we want to use.
  • While school districts are obligated under CIPA and common sense to provide some level of protection for young students, a filtering system is inadequate or faulty when it dictates what teachers can and can't do with the technology.
    • Clint Heitz
      This is especially difficult when only one person holds the key to the access. School leaders (i.e. principals) should be just as able to unblock access as the IT department.
    "10 Things School Leaders Do to Kill a Teacher's Enthusiasm for Technology" from Tech & Technology
Tim Villalba

Talkin' 'bout my cerebration. » Evernote - 1 views

  • The power of networked learning outperforms that of any individual.  It was great to experience real collaboration (common goal and unrestricted sharing) and I’ve no doubtmy learning has benefitted.
  • However if I create the learning environment where they see opportunity for access through choice, they respond and access the learning readily.  This reinforces to me something I have long believed in – it is the pedagogy that matters, not the tools.  Knowing this, I can create and manage the environment that results in student engagement with all of these tools to enable and encourage learning.
    ICT leader's blog
Jennie Snyder

Building the Culture of an Empowered Mindset Towards Technology Innovation | The Principal of Change - 23 views

  • In this work, I have realized how truly important the role of principal is in building, not only in creating a positive culture, but an innovative one.  
  • Often times, as the principal goes, so does the culture of the school.
  • It is unlikely for an entire school to be “pushing the edge” if the principal or administrative team is not helping to pave the way for their community as they learn alongside of them.
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  • o create a visual that discusses the correlation of the school mindset on technology innovation in technology, and the alignment it has with administrator support, professional development, and the corresponding hardware/infrastructure within the school/classroom.  
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