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Dixie Koenemann

Digital Media - New Learners Of The 21st Century | PBS Video - 103 views

    This is an excellent PBS video describing the needs and strategies for educating children to prepare them to function in the 21st century.
    I have to say, I watched this when it aired, and it was infuriating to me. Like most educators, I get really excited when there is talk of tech in the classroom. This video does not have a counter-argument. What I got from it was, "Hey, look at all of this cool stuff these schools are doing." I am ready for schools to take this approach. I am ready to go for it. However, I would like to see a documentary on the numerous hurdles to having education like this in the other 99.9% of public schools. Some of these schools get to hand-pick students, or are on a lottery system. How about the cost? Or the professional development? Or the inequity in public school funding? With a couple exceptions, all I could see were dollar signs when I watched this. Money that is not there, and won't be for some time. If you want to feel behind the times, inadequate about your teaching/pedagogy, or flat out jealous, this is the video for you.
Jac Londe

The World Top Incomes Database - 30 views

    Ecole Economique de Paris
Jac Londe

Statistics - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development - 18 views

    The best way to understand our world and to educate people is to know what is happening with our lives. Better policies for better lives.
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