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Trevor Cunningham

Tony Vincent's Learning in Hand - Blog - Wireless Mirroring from iPad to PC Now a Reality with AirServer - 16 views

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  • AirServer offer a 7 day trial period, though you will have to allow the developer to post on your Facebook wall. Standard and student licensing costs are very reasonable and can be installed on up to 5 machines. 
    Wireless Mirroring from iPad to PC Now a Reality with AirServer
Elizabeth Resnick

iOS 7 Leaves Older iOSs And iPads Out Of The Fun | TechCrunch - 82 views

    Includes chart with iOS 7 compatibility with current apple devices
Jonathan Wylie

What's New in Apple's iOS 5? - 84 views

    iOS 4 was an incredibly popular mobile operating system for the iOS, iPod Touch and iPad. In fact is was so popular that it had a big impact on the design for Apple's latest OS X 10.7. So, can iOS 5 have the same impact? Let's find out.
Joel Glazebrook

GEOGRAPHY APPS FOR IOS - iPADS, IOS AND iPOD TOUCH - etsmagazine - 101 views

    Huge list of apps for IOS - many free, others very cheap.
Roland Gesthuizen

Seven privacy settings you should change immediately in iOS 8 | ZDNet - 91 views

    "Before you sync your iCloud or reinstall your apps, you need to lock down your iPhone or iPad. Here are seven important tweaks (and more) you can set to bolster your privacy."
Marc Patton

AirServer - The game console for Mac/PC has arrived - 3 views

    Combine your Mac/PC + iPhone/iPad into the ultimate gaming console. Simply install AirServer on your Mac/PC and beam over your favourite iPhone games. AirServer is also the first software that can Mirror your iPhone/iPad to your Windows PC.
Marc Hamlin

AppBreeder | The Online iPhone App Builder - iPhone App, iPad App, Blackberry App, Android App and Palm App | Welcome to AppBreeder - 3 views

    This free site allows you to design web apps for iOS and Android devices.
Dimitris Tzouris

Skyfire - Mobile Browser for Android, iPhone, and iPad - 6 views

    A portable browser app that includes Flash player. Great workaround to add Flash to iOS.
Glenn Hervieux

Hey Siri - what can you do for me? - 34 views

shared by Glenn Hervieux on 21 Aug 16 - No Cached
    Learn topic by topic how to leverage using Siri on your iOS device.
Roland Gesthuizen

iOS Apps for Science Teachers : Teaching about Sound - 3 views

    "Teaching about sound in the classroom used to involve lots of fiddly bits of kit such as Signal Generators and Decibel Meters that would cost a lot of money and only get wheeled out once a year. Thankfully if you have an iPhone or iPad you can replace quite a bit of that kit with a couple of handy apps which are either free or relatively inexpensive. Here's a couple to get you started:"
Peter Beens

Digitize Student Work With the Three Ring App - 121 views

    Three Ring is a new free service offering free Android and iPhone apps for digitizing and organizing student work. Using the app teachers can take a picture of a student's work and upload it to a free Three Ring account. Three Ring offers teachers a lot of organizational flexibility. You could organize artifacts by student name, class, date, or just about any other tagging system that works for you.
Patrick Black

SpedApps2 - HOME - 97 views

  • The founding members of this wiki consist of "old" therapists, with over 200 years of experience working with special populations and technology. We hope that people will use this site to make informed decisions before downloading. Our purpose in creating this wiki is to foster collaboration around how applications can be used in unique ways to support learning in home, school, and therapy settings. If you have used iPad/iPod applications with special populations, please consider joining and contributing to this wiki by adding information to the charts on the various pages (see navigation pane on the left). You can also contribute without joining by adding entries on the discussion tabs for each page.
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