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Mr Casal

SMART Board video tutorials - 107 views

    Video Tutorials to help get helper at using your help Board help help in the classroom Fusion Universal Management - Video Library
David Sladkey

Using a wireless mouse with your IWB - 107 views

    I learned a tip yesterday that most certainly will help my students. It is that I should use a wireless mouse in class. Here is what I mean. You just have your mouse with you while you are in the back of the room and then when you need to do anything on your computer you can just scroll your mouse on any available surface. I've used slate's and special pointers before with poor performances. With the mouse I can just naturally move things around. Give it a try.
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    To take that one step further, try the Gyromouse, which operates like a Wii remote so you can scroll, move etc as if it were on a desktop but is actually in thin air. Very cool and very effective. I used one to simulate an interactive interactive for years before finally getting one.
    Do you think I can use it with my Smart TV?
    We have used the gyration mice in our school for years and I love mine, but we have had about 4 have the gyro die in them, so the longevity is now what I would like.
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