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Martin Burrett

TouchCast - 28 views

    "This is a truly amazing iPad app which replaces a whole TV crew and studio. Capture your video and audio use like adjusting the sound levels, an in-build teleprompter and green screen effects to make spectacular footage. Edit your video directly in the app and add images, websites and Twitter feed as cutaways sections of the screen."
MIchael Heneghan

Green Faces the Music; Chaochi Repeats His Mistake - Goal Blog - - 14 views

    • MIchael Heneghan
      Jeez, how do you live something down like that, especially in such a soccer-crazed nation?
  • “It’s a mistake from Greenie that could have happened to anyone.”
    • MIchael Heneghan
      "(except the other goalkeepers we have that have more experience, who many think should've been in there to begin with)."
    • MIchael Heneghan
      The US has to be thrilled with this result, with the toughest team in their group behind them.  Time to put in a real goal now. 
Jac Londe

Thinking about solar? It's easier to start small | Green Tech - CNET News - 12 views

  • Thinking about solar?
  • Green Ray Solar this week is expected to announce UL certification for a solar panel that puts out alternating current, rather than direct current as most solar photovoltaic panels do today. AC panels can be simpler to install and wire together than traditional panels, which makes a piecemeal approach easier,
  • Traditionally, solar panels are tied into a device called an inverter, which converts the direct current from panels into household alternating current. Strung together, several panels produce enough voltage to run an inverter which, sized for a rooftop array, is roughly as big as a computer monitor.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • A microinverter brings that DC-to-AC function onto each individual panel. Proponents say the technology simplifies installation and improves panel performance.
  • For example, shading on one panel will not affect the output of other panels connected to it, as happens with panels connected to a centralized inverter.

Paper Strip Pumpkin Craft - 60 views

    good "green" fall craft that makes use of toilet paper tubes and its pretty easy to do :) Feel free to modify and make your own.
Peter Beens

Teacher Magazine: Stepping Aside: The Art of Working With Student-Teachers - 1 views

    Stepping Aside: The Art of Working With Student-Teachers\n\nTeacher Leaders Network Although traditional teacher-education programs rely on veteran educators to invite student- or "practice-" teachers into their classrooms, many skilled professionals can be heard expressing some reluctance about sharing instructional responsibilities with green recruits. They may be concerned about their ability to mentor an inexperienced colleague effectively, or simply hesitant to relinquish control of instruction in an atmosphere of high-stakes accountability.\n\nIn a recent post to the Teacher Leaders Network Forum daily discussion group, veteran teacher Vicky expressed some reservations of her own about working with a student-teacher and asked for help.\n\nI may be getting the opportunity to work with a student-teacher. I was wondering about your ideas for starting the year off right, helping the student-teacher, and balancing the load of mentoring the student teacher and teaching the students myself. I'm excited about the possibility, but I'm also a pretty hands-on control freak kind of person, so I want to alternately challenge and excite the intern but not be unfair or scary. Tips?\n\nNancy, a veteran K-12 music teacher, replied:\n\nGreat questions, Vicky. My first suggestion would be adopting the perspective that you will learn as much as the novice teacher-about yourself, your beliefs, and your practice. The first step is probably building a relationship in which the novice teacher trusts you enough to share real information and opinion (and vice-versa).\n\nCreate a safe space to communicate honestly, in both directions. A student teacher who feels comfortable enough to share fears, anxieties, confusion, and frustration-and knows that he or she is not being judged, but honored as a learner by a veteran teacher who also has fears and frustrations-will be a student teacher who can grow.\n\nMy second thought is that from your students' perspective there should be two experts
Jay Swan - 95 views

    Communicate take home notices, announcements, homework, images, notes, videos, etc. through RSS Feeds, Facebook, Twitter, text messages and more - all in a "Green", paperless way.

Evolution - Ecofriend: Green living - 19 views

    Uso de las energías renovables desde el 8000AC hasta nuestros días. web interactiva.
Randolph Hollingsworth

Call for Submissions - US Dept of Labor Employment and Training Administration - 27 views

    See also statement by Labor Dept ( and White House ( and Chronicle article at $2-Billion Federal Program Could Be 'Windfall' for Open Online Learning January 22, 2011, 9:49 am By Marc Parry "The Obama administration is encouraging the development of high-quality immersive online-learning environments. It suggests courses with simulations, with constant feedback, and with interactive software that can tailor instruction and tutoring to individual students. It likes courses that students can use to teach themselves. And it demands open access to everything: "All online and technology-enabled courses must permit free public use and distribution, including the ability to re-use course modules, via an online repository for learning materials to be established by the federal government.... That's because the government is requiring that all work supported by the grants be made available under what's known as a "Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License," which Mr. Green described as 'one of the most open content licenses that exists.'"
tom campbell

More than just Earth Day: Celebrating Earth Month at School! | EDN Educators' Network - 2 views

    Lots of good ideas about Earth Day (month) and becoming a green school!
Martin Burrett

Online Storytime - 117 views

    A great set of video of classic book titles, such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Green Ham and Eggs.
Martin Burrett

Planet Positive - Carbon Calculator - 76 views

    A lovely carbon calculator designed for children found via @martingibb. Enter the answers to a few questions about transport habits, energy and food and see how green your students are.
Randolph Hollingsworth

Dramatically Bringing Down the Cost of Education with OER - 48 views

    Originally posted on Steven Downes OLDAILY blog
    By David Wiley, Cable Green, Louis Soares | February 7, 2012
Jac Londe

Energy Clock - Horloge des énergies - 1 views

    Dans cette page ; Les principales sources d'énergie et leurs consommations aux USA et dans le monde. Remarquez la faible place qu'occupe les énergies dites vertes dans ce tableau, et ce malgré les beaux discours corpocrates. / On this page you'll find the USA and world consumption of main streamming energies. The green ones are really poor, nonobstant what we see, hear and read in the medias, -30-
    Consommation mondiale de toutes les énergies. À voir pour comprendre l'importance de la situation. World consumption of all types of energies. A "Must Look" to understand the real situation.

HP (HP 42X) Q5942X Black Toner Cartridge High Yield Made In USA - 6 views

  • HP (HP 42X) Q5942X
  • Q5942X High Capacity Black Toner Cartridge (HP 42x Toner) compatible with the HP LaserJet 4250, HP Laserjet 4350
    HP 42x toner cartridges cheap! Green friendly and made in the usa for half the price of staples or office depot.  Free shipping
Kelsey Vroomunn

The Perfect Workspace (According to Science) - 99U - 42 views

  • making your own decisions about how to organize your workspace has an empowering effect and has been linked with improved productivity
  • simple use of a pin-board to post your own pictures and messages could help you feel that the space is yours
  • furniture that is curved and rounded rather than sharp and straight-edged
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • sitting in circles provokes a collective mindset
  • blue and green has been shown to enhance performance on tasks that require generating new ideas.
  • red has been linked with superior performance on tasks involving attention to detail.
  • dimmer
  • invest in a green plant or two
  • window with a view
  • “We don’t understand psychologically why putting someone in an impoverished space should work, when it doesn’t work for any other animal on the planet,”
    Info about workspace design, but with good implications for edu
Kerri Harris

A Sound of Thunder - Ray Bradbury - 49 views

    • Kerri Harris
      phlegm?  gross!
  • A touch of the hand and this burning would, on the instant, beautifully reverse itself. Eckels remembered the wording in the advertisements to the letter. Out of chars and ashes, out of dust and coals, like golden salamanders, the old years, the green years, might leap; roses sweeten the air, white hair turn Irish-black, wrinkles vanish; all, everything fly back to seed, flee death, rush down to their beginnings, suns rise in western skies and set in glorious easts, moons eat themselves opposite to the custom, all and everything cupping one in another like Chinese boxes, rabbits into hats, all and everything returning to the fresh death, the seed death, the green death, to the time before the beginning. A touch of a hand might do it, the merest touch of a hand.
Glenn Hervieux

Creating a Classroom Studio with an iPad and a Green Screen - iPads in Education - 81 views

    Great suggestions for setting up an iPad & Greenscreen - with examples of student work.
Roland Gesthuizen

Classroom video production - 153 views

    Welcome Brendan O'Brien With thanks to Michael Green / Drift Media
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