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Peter Beens

EasyBib: Free Bibliography Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago citation styles - 17 views

    • Steve Madden
      Choose the type of source you want to cite.
    • Josh Flores
      It's easy to overlook the great great Guide. There's an especially helpful guide for evaluation websites! Worth sharing with great.
    • Ms. Nicholson
      Thanks for the tips! I loved this site in college and now I get to share it with my students
    • Luv2ride
      The subscription for schools is sooo worth the money. The notebook feature is incredible and allows the user to practically write the paper as s/he takes notes. Awesome!
    • Jody Conrad
      How about teach them how to cite? Easybib is like the kid in the group who doesn't always do the best work. It's a good resource, but our teach must learn to be smarter than an algorithm.
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