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Michele Brown

StepMap - Create your personal map for free - 10 views

    StepMap enables you to create maps for free and to search for maps in the map directory. In the map directory you can find maps for Africa, Asia, Australia/Ozeania, maps, North America and South America. You can add images, videos, audio files and much more to your personal map. Categories in the map directory include Travel Routes, News maps, School maps, Fan maps, Political maps as well as Historical maps.
Glenn Hervieux

Nat Geo MapMaker Kits - National Geographic Society - 34 views

    Complete set of 11 map kits that students and teachers can use. Easy to assemble. The kits offer United States political and physical maps, world political and physical maps, maps of Asia, Africa, maps, North and South America, Australia and Oceania, polar region maps, and maps of New England.
Martin Burrett

Toporopa - 94 views

    A well made set of geography and other resources about geography. Look at geography, Kings and Queens and much more. Resources come in many geographyn languages.
Terry Smith

Beyond Borders - National Geographic Society - 36 views

    The overall theme of this teacher-tested unit is using maps to understand borders and their impacts in maps. The materials will help your middle school students to use maps to think about how borders intersect physical and human geographical features, and how those intersections can lead to cooperation and/or conflict. The educator resources provided in the unit include maps, multimedia, and case studies that will enable students to develop skills in map analysis and apply that analysis to specific situations. Other parts of the unit will invite you and your students to explore similar cases in maps and your own community.
Martin Burrett

Interactive European History Map - 193 views

    A useful interactive history map of Europe. Watch as boarder move as nations rise and fall.
Jennifer Armstrong

Atlas of World History - 60 views

    Africa Asia and Europe to the year 1000 with interactive Europe and map animation.
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