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Peer Wise - 46 views This is a fantastic double student driven learning tool. Just register (takes about 1 day) then assign you classes, students and topics and the students proceed...


started by mdeschamps67 on 20 Oct 15 no follow-up yet
kscharaldi liked it
suzanne foxworth

alternative word cloud that works on android - 34 views

I use Galaxy Tabs in class and it is frustrating when nearly all apps are for apple. It is also frustrating when websites do not work from the internet connection on either device. (Yes, I have bo...

Galaxy tab education word cloud

started by suzanne foxworth on 22 Jul 12 no follow-up yet
Chad Loughrige

Categories in Diigo Groups - 83 views

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm excited about the tagging feature, and think that this will be the best way to organize the group. If anyone is interested, I will be presenting a live Ustream bro...

maarten s

Separating group notes on the teacher console? - 8 views

Maybe by adding tags for each class and each students? Then filter by tag?

groups students teacherconsole

Jason Finley

Diigo in Education - 108 views

Marie, my primary use and focus with Diigo is the social networking aspect that you mentioned. There is definitely truth to the statement that "Chance favors the connected mind." I've created a g...


Robin Hawley-Brillante

Saving from delicious to diigo - 156 views

Thanks Marianne! But I don't understand -- the google doc link I included in my original message shows you how to automatically save from diigo to delicious, but not from delicious to diigo. Whic...

diigo skills delicious social_bookmarking

Sue Dowdell

Any Elementary Teachers using Diigo? - 100 views

I've used Diigo teacher account to set up accounts for my 105 fifth graders this past spring. I put all students in a main group (Colonial Resources) and then students studying a particular colony ...

Elementary intermediate

Shannon Smith

Need resources to assist in creating a 21st century learner training/ professional deve... - 131 views

Thank you! This is great information! James McKee wrote: > Shannon, > > I was recently referred to this video of Michael Wesch who teaches cultural anthropology at Kansas State University. He ...

professional development 21st century learners technology

Gregory Louie

Re-ordering bookmarks - 108 views

Hi Maggie, I would love to see both a user's personal rating system combined with a reader's rating system - kinda like editor's comments & reader's comments on Amazon. Creating lists could also ...


Maggie Tsai

New! Daily / Weekly Group Bookmarks Auto-Post - 23 views

From listening to our users' feedback, we have now made it possible to automatically post group bookmarks to your blogs! This "Group Auto Blog Post" feature will enable group member to automatical...

group blog

started by Maggie Tsai on 07 Nov 08 no follow-up yet
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