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Roland Gesthuizen

Edcamps: The New Professional Development - Finding Common Ground - Education Week - 29 views

  • It typically takes a group of people to organize the event. They come up with a common theme of what they want the Edcamp to focus on and then they invite educators from around the school, district or state to attend and present. Attendees do not all have to present but some Edcamps encourage it.
  • Edcamps are about building an educational community and sharing best practices. Camps are known for bring diverse people together for a common good and Edcamps have the same goal in mind.
    "Imagine an unconference. No keynote speaker. No proposal deadlines 6 months before a conference takes place. In fact, take it a step further and think of a conference where there is no need to pay a fee. This type of unconference is called an Edcamp and it's a trending idea in education around the world."
A Gardner

Teaching like it's 2999: Don't Trust Conference Presenters: The Teacher Behind the Curtain - 100 views

    Conference presenter discussing 'phony' characteristics of presentations (hers included): the tendency to not share what failed alongside the success and the need to do both
Lisa C. Hurst

Inside the School Silicon Valley Thinks Will Save Education | WIRED - 9 views

    "AUTHOR: ISSIE LAPOWSKY. ISSIE LAPOWSKY DATE OF PUBLICATION: 05.04.15. 05.04.15 TIME OF PUBLICATION: 7:00 AM. 7:00 AM INSIDE THE SCHOOL SILICON VALLEY THINKS WILL SAVE EDUCATION Click to Open Overlay Gallery Students in the youngest class at the Fort Mason AltSchool help their teacher, Jennifer Aguilar, compile a list of what they know and what they want to know about butterflies. CHRISTIE HEMM KLOK/WIRED SO YOU'RE A parent, thinking about sending your 7-year-old to this rogue startup of a school you heard about from your friend's neighbor's sister. It's prospective parent information day, and you make the trek to San Francisco's South of Market neighborhood. You walk up to the second floor of the school, file into a glass-walled conference room overlooking a classroom, and take a seat alongside dozens of other parents who, like you, feel that public schools-with their endless bubble-filled tests, 38-kid classrooms, and antiquated approach to learning-just aren't cutting it. At the same time, you're thinking: this school is kind of weird. On one side of the glass is a cheery little scene, with two teachers leading two different middle school lessons on opposite ends of the room. But on the other side is something altogether unusual: an airy and open office with vaulted ceilings, sunlight streaming onto low-slung couches, and rows of hoodie-wearing employees typing away on their computers while munching on free snacks from the kitchen. And while you can't quite be sure, you think that might be a robot on wheels roaming about. Then there's the guy who's standing at the front of the conference room, the school's founder. Dressed in the San Francisco standard issue t-shirt and jeans, he's unlike any school administrator you've ever met. But the more he talks about how this school uses technology to enhance and individualize education, the more you start to like what he has to say. And so, if you are truly fed up with the school stat
Oliver Janoschka

Penny Conference Conference | Skillshare - 38 views

    interesting conference- introducing revised learning formats
Kelvin Thompson

ELI 2012 General Sessions and Featured Presentations - 39 views

    Video capture of the general sessions and featured presentations from the Educause Learning Initiative 2012 2012 in Austin, Texas.
Roseanne Sessa

ISTE 2012 2012 Ning - 53 views

    ISTE 2012 2012 Ning
Peter Beens

PIPEDREAMS - Seeing with New Eyes - International Perspectives on Trust and Regulation in Education - 16 views

  • This year, I was asked to attend as a Canadian Teacher Representative, along with Ontario Ministry Officer, Colette Ruduck and our Ontario Deputy Minister of Education, George Zegarac.
  • the theme of “Trust and Regulation”
  • my Canadian values of equality, diversity, safety and choice
  • ...21 more annotations...
  • high degree of trust for teachers, administrators and district decision makers
  • Our regulations are meant to encourage equality and diversity, choice, opportunity, innovation – fundamental values in our society.
  • In contrast to many of the other countries represented, our Canadian context was unique in that the regulations (organizations, federations, policies, curriculum) imposed actually tie in Trust and Relationship building and partnerships as key factors to increase capacity building with a wide range of stakeholders.
  • We need our profession to be respected, which includes paying us well, treating us fairly, supporting us with resources, nurturing our learning and leadership opportunities
  • systems of education can achieve and can be highly ranked without the use of formalized testing
  • We need to feel safe to make mistakes because we too are learners, especially in a profession that is changing so drastically in the 21st Century
  • We need to feel trusted and with that, we want our skills, our education, our talents and our passions to be respected so we -together – can become the creators of our own pedagogies
  • these passionate and experienced leaders agreed that such tests don’t work when used to rate, or punish teachers
  • can even sometimes do more harm then good
  • First and foremost, teacher voice needs to be heard and respected
  • such tests are not always authentic
  • As principals, we need to empower our teachers and community
  • the importance of the teacher/principal relationship came up over and over and over
  • Trust – allows me to teach in my style, developing my own curriculum
  • I wonder if there is a correlation between that supportive, trusting principal and the fact that we have incredibly dynamic teachers here, at Van Leer from all over the globe
  • We too need to think different because change can start with us
  • By sharing and reflecting our learning openly and even by sometimes being vulnerable and asking for help and challenging the status quo
  • We need to make our voices heard by be socially active
  • we need to recognize that our learning environments are changing and are very different from how we were once trained and educated
  • We need to remind our leaders that we are not just teachers of academics but we teach the whole person
  • Many of us struggle, without supports – to help impoverished families, students with mental health disabilities, learning disabilities, students that speak a different language, large class sizes, violence, inequalities
    The conference in Jerusalem, Israel that Van Leer hosts each year  is intended to encourage professional dialogue among educators, academics, representatives of the Third Sector, and policymakers from diverse areas and places in Israel and abroad.    This year, I was asked to attend as a Canadian Teacher Representative, along with Ontario Ministry Officer, Colette Ruduck and our Ontario Deputy Minister of Education, George Zegarac. With the theme of "Trust and Regulation" at the center of our discussions, it did not take long to realize that my context, as a Canadian Educator, a parent, and a student -  was one of privilege and opportunity.
Roland Gesthuizen

eSmart Training June 2012 (with images, tweets) · rgesthuizen · Storify - 17 views

    "During June 2012 I attended an #eSmart training course. Whilst this aggregates collects some of the posts that I made, I have also added some of the tweets by friends at the #NCAB12 2012 that was running at the same time."
Roland Gesthuizen

ICTEV Teacher/Educator Award 2012 - YouTube - 6 views

    "This movie has been put together as a summary of what I see as my role as a teacher. It includes some of the highlights of teaching over the last 12 months. It will be shared with participants at the ICTEV conference in Melbourne on May 26th where I will be honoured with the ICTEV Teacher/Educator of the Year Award conference"
Bob Rowan

NMC Horizon Report > 2012 K-12 Edition | The New Media Consortium - 34 views

    report on technologies likely to be used in education in the future; full report will be released during this organization's June 12-15 conference
Roland Gesthuizen

musicteachtech - ictev2012 - 32 views

    #ICTEV Conference Conference Resources and Activities for music teachers
maureen greenbaum

The Problem of "Pedagogy" in a Web 2.0 Era -- Campus Technology - 1 views

  • Google search of the term “situated cognition”. Situated cognition, and related research threads, seems to me a useful concept for beginning to understand the tendencies of information technology for teaching and learning.
  • And this is after decades of the movement called “The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning” (see note, the next ISSOTL conference is in Milwaukee October 20-22, 2011). The Association of American Colleges and Universities as well offers sessions and conversations related to the turn to learning--the next AAC&U conference is in Washington, DC, January 25-28, conference.
  • With this issue of Web 2.0, we end the run of this newsletter.
Andrew Williamson

Meeting Of The Minds Unconference conference - 3 views

    Looking for a conference with a difference? What story do you have to tell? The #motm12 Unconference is built around stories for the purpose of making strong connections with other passionate educators who are integrating ICT with pedagogy. 
Holly Gerla

Moving at the Speed of Creativity - Use Appointment Slots on a Google Calendar - 102 views

    What a great tool to use for parent-teacher conferences, or student-advisor appointments! 
Mark Gleeson

Blogging About The Web 2.0 Connected Classroom: What Do You Mean Evernote Could Get Better? - 1 views

    A great resource for learning about the benefits of Evernote. Particularly like the ideas about reading conferences and email management
Jean Hino

Live Report from the first iPad Summit - 52 views

    Without having attended the conference I had very similar ideas the other week. It's not just purchasing the technology but teachers need training.
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