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Lisa C. Hurst

Inside the School Silicon Valley Thinks Will Save Education | WIRED - 9 views

    "AUTHOR: ISSIE LAPOWSKY. ISSIE LAPOWSKY DATE OF PUBLICATION: 05.04.15. 05.04.15 TIME OF PUBLICATION: 7:00 AM. 7:00 AM INSIDE THE SCHOOL SILICON VALLEY THINKS WILL SAVE EDUCATION Click to Open Overlay Gallery Students in the youngest class at the Fort Mason AltSchool help their teacher, Jennifer Aguilar, compile a list of what they know and what they want to know about butterflies. CHRISTIE HEMM KLOK/WIRED SO YOU'RE A parent, thinking about sending your 7-year-old to this rogue startup of a school you heard about from your friend's neighbor's sister. It's prospective parent information day, and you make the trek to San Francisco's South of Market neighborhood. You walk up to the second floor of the school, file into a glass-walled conference room overlooking a classroom, and take a seat alongside dozens of other parents who, like you, feel that public schools-with their endless bubble-filled tests, 38-kid classrooms, and antiquated approach to learning-just aren't cutting it. At the same time, you're thinking: this school is kind of weird. On one side of the glass is a cheery little scene, with two teachers leading two different middle school lessons on opposite ends of the room. But on the other side is something altogether unusual: an airy and open office with vaulted ceilings, sunlight streaming onto low-slung couches, and rows of hoodie-wearing employees typing away on their computers while munching on free snacks from the kitchen. And while you can't quite be sure, you think that might be a robot on wheels roaming about. Then there's the guy who's standing at the front of the conference room, the school's founder. Dressed in the San Francisco standard issue t-shirt and jeans, he's unlike any school administrator you've ever met. But the more he talks about how this school uses classroomnology to enhance and individualize education, the more you start to like what he has to say. And so, if you are truly fed up with the school stat

Vote: Is technology a boon or burden in the tech? - The Globe and Mail - 62 views

  • Back to article Apple vows iBooks 2 will ‘reinvent’ school textbooks Enlarge this image Vote: Is technology a boon or burden in the tech? Published Monday, Nov. 28, 2011 12:00AM EST Last updated Monday, Nov. 28, 2011 2:29PM EST
    Globe and Mail visual graph: Is technology a boon or burden in the tech? As the world becomes increasingly digital, school boards are trying to negotiate technology's role in the tech. Some have embraced digital tools, enhancing their techs with Smartboards, cell phones and social media. Others have favoured tradition, claiming technology is a distraction and a nuisance. Where do Globe readers stand? Each dot on this graph represents one person's response colour-coded by age group.
James Shockley

Web 2.0 Smack Down - 149 views

    Digital Edition mag Top Stories Benjamin Franklin: An Extraordinary United States Global Change Research National World War II Museum Mayan Math Activity Product Review: StudySync FORUMS How did you choose an SIS? Are schools ready for open source? Can you Google-proof a question using Bloom's Taxonomy? Does online training work? top tech resources LCD or DLP? More.. Subscribe| Customer Service|Contact Us|About Us|eNewsletters|Advertising New Articles From the tech Leadership Professional Development tech/Media Coordinators tech Talk Studies in Ed tech Ideas and Opinions How To Edtech Ticker TL Advisor Blog Leader of the Year Awards of Excellence Portraits of Learning Other Contests Upcoming Webinars Data Management Security eLearning Copyright Funding Mobile & Wireless Assessment & Testing Curriculum News & Trends Products Features Editor's Desk Issues Current Issue Newsletters eBooks White Papers Grants Columns Podcasts Web Tours Buyers Guide News Site of the Day QuickFlicks IT Guy Interactive Whiteboards Student Information Systems
Glenn Hervieux

Modeling Tech Tools - BADGE YOUR Tech - 63 views

    "If you want your teachers using tech tools in their tech,  you need to be using them in your PD so teachers are able to see the tech tools in action. "

Integrating Tech into the Tech - Great res... - 124 views

    Resources for integrating tech into your tech
Shannon Smith

Need resources to assist in creating a 21st century learner training/ professional deve... - 131 views

Thank you! This is great information! James McKee wrote: > Shannon, > > I was recently referred to this video of Michael Wesch who teaches cultural anthropology at Kansas State University. He ...

professional development 21st century learners technology

Kelly Boushell

Web 2.0 Tech Tools for the 21st Century Teaching and Learning - 171 views

    This website will be used for the investigation of Web 2.0 tech tools and how they may be integrated in teaching and learning. Selected tech tools have been organized by their potential application and those titles are listed on the left navigation bar. Each page of this website includes a variety of free tech tools that address areas in which students and faculty may want to try something different than what they are currently doing in and out of the tech.
Roland Gesthuizen

The Future of Ed-Tech (Infographic) | Blog | eTech News - 63 views

    "In a recent post, Edudemic introduced us to a very intricate, color-coded visualization by Envisioning Tech on what to expect in education Technology in the next 30 years or so. And these concepts are not broad generalizations- Envisioning Tech takes topics like digitized Techs and tangible computing and segments them into practical ideas to produce a well-organized, cohesive diagram"
N Carroll

Impact Learning with Google Classroom - Teacher Classroom - 22 views

    Lots of great, practical examples on how to get started using Google Classroom. Showing how to use it with Non-Classroom assignments.
Suzanne Nelson

Evaluating Web Tools for the Classroom: A Guide « Classroom2point0 - 8 views

    Steps to take to decide what tech tools to use in your tech or district.
Margaret FalerSweany

Educators Evaluate 'Flipped Classrooms' | Andrew K. Miller - 74 views

  • replacing traditional classroom lectures with video tutorials
    • Bob Rowan
      This isn't a complete definition of flipped classrooms
  • there are a multitude of ways to “flip” a classroom
  • criticism from some who believe that flipping is simply a high-tech version of an antiquated instructional method: the lecture
  • ...9 more annotations...
  • a better version of a bad thing
  • Tips for Flipping
  • Don’t get hung up on creating your own videos
  • be intentional about when to flip
    • Bob Rowan
      Don't flip just for the sake of flipping, but this sort of reminder should not be required any longer with any new teaching technique
  • find a partner
  • find alternatives for students who lack Internet access
    • Bob Rowan
      this isn't any issue for many schools, but it important to note when presenting flipped classrooms to a wider variety of educators
  • engage students in the videos
    • Margaret FalerSweany
      One approach is to assign watching the video and then a low-stakes assignment--such as a quiz over key points, or having them write a short response to a key question that will be discussed the next class, or to write about what was unclear, new, or useful from the material.
  • given an outline for each unit that includes all the resources they might need for each objective
  • sets deadlines to keep everyone on track
    Shared by ISTE on 9/6/2012
    Shared by ISTE on 9/6/2012
Glenda Baker

Using technology in the tech requires experience and guidance, report finds - The Globe and Mail - 98 views

    interesting article about a small study on using tech in the tech.  

Hidden Webtools 2011v2.pdf (application/pdf Object) - 90 views

    great FREE e-book on tech-tools for the tech!
    The best classroom classroom tools for 2011
Joe Virant

Classroom Classroomnology - Overview - 64 views

    Jackie Gerstein's Weebly page on classroom classroom. multiple embedded examples of great classroomnology use.
Kimberly LaPrairie

SimpleK12 - 3 views

    SimpleAssessment Free assessment to test the technology proficiency of students. SimpletechLearning Tools to help teachers develop skills to lead students in 21st century techs. SimpleSchoolSafety Free school safety resources to protect against H1N1, bloodborne pathogens, and MRSA. SimpletechIntegration Teacher-to-teacher community for sharing tech resources and free tech tools. Protecting Students Curriculum to educate and keep students, staff, and teachers safe on the Internet and with cell phones.
Pam Haney

An Open Letter to Tech-Fearing Teachers Everywhere - The Inspired Tech | The Inspired Tech - 72 views

    Some excellent justifications for using technology in the tech!
Maureen Greenbaum

The future of the classroom - Fortune classroom - 5 views

  • the future of education really hinges on the shifting roles of teacher and student.
  • students will learn at their own pace, using software that adapts to their strengths and weaknesses. In other words: aided by emerging technology, the teacher-student relationship—and the tech itself—will be remade. That is the coming education revolution.
  • front of a classroom, a teacher would monitor students' progress and assist those who are struggling on an ad-hoc basis.
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • Gates Foundation has invested just under $9 million in a program administered by education nonprofit EDUCAUSE that will allow 20 schools to figure out a solid, financially sustainable way to achieve personalized learning as part of a program called Next Generation Learning Challenges. All of the schools awarded grants will use some combination of digital and traditional instruction.
  • every move a student makes in a digital course will be tracked and analyzed to not only change a program to meet a student's current needs, but to track a student's progress—and determine their educational needs—not just during a given course, but throughout their lives.
  • "The old model of getting educated in four years and coasting for the next 40 years" is growing increasingly less relevant, says Andrew Ng, co-CEO
Mark Gleeson

Who's running Quality Control and Fact Checking in a Tech Rich, Differentiated, Personalised Tech? - 10 views

    At first glance, teachers may point to the fact that today's curriculum is not about content knowledge any more. It's about skill development, creativity, collaboration and communication. At a simplistic level, that may be partly true. We can't escape the fact, though, that accuracy and understanding is still paramount. While an 8 year old will survive making the odd misinterpretation or copying the wrong information down, a 20 year old medical student can't be confusing a pharynx with a larynx or thinking a 3:4 ratio means 3/4 and 1/4. So the question needs to be asked - How well are we dealing with Quality Control and Fact Checking in the Differentiated, Personalised Classroom? This one question brings up a whole lot more questions that every teacher needs t0 consider.
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