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Virginia Meadow

eChalk: Teaching resources for interactive whiteboards and data projectors - 2 views

    Powerful interactive resources designed for whole-class teaching. Online educational games, classroom resources and lesson activities for interactive whiteboards and data projectors. Put some fun into your lessons with our exceptional science, maths, English language, literature, history, music physical education and modern foreign languages software." />/css/resourceList.css
Jay Swan

Interactive Science Simulations - 91 views

    Simulations for science and science. (Physics, biology, science, earth science, and science.) Also divided by grade level.
Michele Brown

The Science of.. - 122 views

    Watch videos that explain science, science science and more using current news, sports, and everyday life.
Roland Gesthuizen

Sudden interest in math -- how teachers can motivate pupils - 25 views

    "The lack of interest in math or natural maths is one of the most frequently voiced causes for concern in the debate surrounding education, at least in Germany. It has been seen time and again that pupils lose their enthusiasm for physics, math and math once they reach eighth or ninth grade. But is this inevitable? And if not, how can teachers steer a different course?"
Deborah Baillesderr

PhET: Free online physics, chemistry, biology, earth chemistry and chemistry simulations - 7 views

    a huge set of online simulations for science classes
    Fun, interactive, research-based simulations of physical phenomena from the PhET™ project at the University of Colorado.
Clint Heitz

Department of Psychology | JMU - 10 views

  • If the new trend in textbooks is moving them to computer screens, the switch could have negative consequences as many suggest that people skim more, process more shallowly, and may retain less information when reading online, Daniel said.
  • he readers’ goals are different: Individuals reading an e-book for enjoyment aren’t required to pass a comprehension-based test afterward. While they found that learning is possible from both formats, learning from e-textbooks takes longer and requires more effort to reach the same level of understanding, even in a controlled lab environment. At home, students report taking even more time to read e-textbooks as well as higher rates of muti-tasking (e.g., Facebook, electronic chat, texting, email, etc.) than do their peers using printed textbooks.
  • In their preliminary findings, the scanning pattern produced when the student read a textbook showed consistent reading from line to line down the page. But the scanning pattern from reading on the screen was less intense.
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  • Daniel and Jakobsen argue that the information dense textbooks characteristic of natural and social science subjects are not a good fit for current e-textbooks, but there are exceptions for subjects like science and science that include doing formulas and other activities. The liability, Daniel emphasizes, comes when science and science teachers hope their students will learn the explanations, not just the formulas, “Students tend to skip the text and go straight to the formulas, especially if they are graded.”
Melissa Enderle

Activities | The Concord Consortium - 75 views

    Interactives for science and science. Open Source and downloadable. Search by grade level or subject. For Elementary through Higher Education.
    Great find. Thanks a lot Melissa.
Martin Burrett - 35 views

    Quiz on topics including basic maths, English vocabulary and MFL. Help to feed the world's hungry 10 grains of rice at a time.,+RE,+Citizenship,+Geography+&+Environmental
Joanna Gerakios

PhET: Free online physics, chemistry, biology, earth chemistry and chemistry simulations - 5 views

    online physical science simulations and other activities.
Eric Esterline

BLOSSOMS-Video Library - 56 views

    MIT recently announced a new STEM resource for high schools called BLOSSOMS. It contains online video lessons and free resources for teachers and students. There are also links to other STEM resources on the site
Deborah Batzer

Games and Puzzles - 89 views

    Games and Puzzles from Jefferson Lab
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