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Dave Ball

Send bookmark to Class Group - 58 views

Works good enough: If you "share to group" a cached bookmark, you have to wait for a long time and get an error message. But the bookmark will be put into the group, but *unshared*. I don't know ...

diigo sendTo classGroup

Maggie Tsai

Q&A: Set all students as friends or not? - 39 views

Got a classroom setup question: "Can I set student accounts so that they can only send and receive messages from me (not to each other?)" The answer is YES! Here is how: When you create a ...

class friends q&a

started by Maggie Tsai on 01 Oct 08 no follow-up yet
Kathleen N

Text Note Suggestion - 79 views

Along the lines of research I think have any bookmark or annotation come with a citation. If you copy into notebook programs (like Google NoteBook and OneNote) the citation comes with it. The tem...


Gregory Louie

Re-ordering bookmarks - 108 views

Hi Maggie, I would love to see both a user's personal rating system combined with a reader's rating system - kinda like editor's comments & reader's comments on Amazon. Creating lists could also ...


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