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Clint Heitz

Screen Reading Worse for Grasping Big Picture, Researchers Find - Digital Education - Education Week - 27 views

  • Among young adults who regularly use smartphones and tablets, just reading a story or performing a task on a screen instead of on paper led to greater focus on concrete details, but less ability to infer meaning or quickly get the gist of a problem,
  • The findings align with other emerging research on how students process information differently in print and digital forms. A 2014 series of experiments found that while taking more notes overall was better than taking fewer, students who typed notes on their laptops rather than writing them on paper tended to take down information verbatim rather than summarizing concepts, and the more students wrote verbatim, the less they remembered a week later. 
  • For example, she said, teachers should consider the format of information when designing different types of activities, to help students focus on details or overall themes. 
Roland Gesthuizen

Technology as "Hamburger Helper" - Rick Hess Straight Up - Education Week - 32 views

  • technology is a powerful tool for driving productivity and quality, in schooling as elsewhere; the problem is not with the technology, but with how we've used it.
  • regard technology as the means to the end you'd like to achieve, rather than an end in itself
  • 99 percent of the time, the biggest impact of technology is optimizing familiar tasks and routines--freeing up talent, time, and dollars for better uses
    "Technology can be a powerful lever for rethinking schools and systems. But it's the rethinking that matters, not the technology. Technology provides tools to help solve problems smarter, deliver knowledge, support students, extend and deepen instruction, and refashion cost structures. Unfortunately, too many educators, industry shills, and technology enthusiasts seem to imagine that the technology itself will be a difference maker."
Gerald Carey

Education Week: Teaching Digital Writing: More Than Blogs and Wikis - 1 views

  • These days, pen-and-paper and word-processing skills are not enough to fully prepare students for writing beyond K-12. Students also need direct instruction in digital writing—or writing created or read on a computer or other Internet-connected device. Digital writing requires both traditional writing skills—knowledge of the process, conventions, organizational structure, etc.—and more advanced techniques, such as the ability to meld visual, audio, and text into a single piece.
    Join in the edweek conversation on 4th of April.
Brianna Crowley

What's Right With Our Schools? - Rick Hess Straight Up - Education Week - 44 views

    Third grade teacher and Arkansas Teacher of the Year Justin Minkel writes about how we empower every student and every teacher in our school communities to recognize his/her strengths and share them with the community. Powerful and inspiring!
Steve Ransom

Bridging Differences: Should Teacher Evaluation Depend on Student Test Scores? - 19 views

    Great blog post by Diane Ravitch
Todd Williamson

Teacher Beat: Has the Research on Formative Assessment Been Oversold? - 1 views

  • it means formative assessment, though promising, isn't necessarily a silver bullet.
    • Todd Williamson
      When will teachers recognize there is NO silver bullet? Not technology, assessment, worksheets or any other attempt that will come down the line, even online learning as outlined in Disrupting class. There just cannot be a one size fits all approach for the wide variety of students we will encounter.
    So the "research" doesn't back up claims of great gains from formative assessment? I stilll can't see how a data collection "check-up" along the way isn't a good idea. Why wait until the autopsy of data at the end of the unit/year? Wonder if they researched the effect size on the same teacher when they used formative assessment vs. when they did not?
Steve Ransom

Bridging Differences: Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics - 1 views

    As it happened, New York state just released the results of its annual tests of English language arts and mathematics, and the scores soared across the state to an extent that was literally unbelievable.
Erin Crisp

The Need for Focused, Sustained PD - Learning Forward's PD Watch - Education Week Teacher - 26 views

  • Still, the magnitude of the correlation indicates that an effective program targeting student achievement through teacher knowledge would need to have a substantial impact on teachers."
    Study shows that poor professional development produces no impact while PD that increases teachers' knowledge and skills does correlate to increased student performance.
Brian Mull

States Seen Lagging on Innovation, Technology - Digital Education - 23 views

    "A report released yesterday gave most states Cs and Ds when it comes to educational innovation and technology, according to this story by my colleague Michele McNeil. States are not reinventing education in ways that are necessary to tackle challenges of raising achievement and preparing students for the rigors of the workplace, the report concludes. "The key to improving results will be to help schools not only to avoid mistakes, but to position themselves better to adopt imaginative solutions," states the overview of the report, "Leaders and Laggards". "In brief, for reform to take hold our states and schools must practice purposeful innovation.""
Christine Dailey

What Do Teachers Want? - Bridging Differences - Education Week - 56 views

    The goal of the survey "is to place teachers' voices at the center of the conversation on education reform by sharing their thoughts and opinions with the public, the media, and education leaders." Is anyone listening?
Brianna Crowley

At Risk of Losing Our Creativity - Finding Common Ground - Education Week - 6 views

  • In the World is Flat by Thomas Friedman he said, "Those who are waiting for this recession to end so someone can again hand them work could have a long wait." In the book Out of Our Minds by Sir Ken Robinson, he writes, "Rebuilding the communities that have been left bereft by the recession will depend on imagination, creativity and innovation."
    Essay on how to not lose sight of the importance of creativity in the classroom--in spite of the current emphasis on testing.
Brianna Crowley

Why Schools Don't Teach Innovation - Walt Gardner's Reality Check - Education Week - 10 views

  • most schools are designed and operated to penalize failure. Yet unless students are allowed to fail, they can't learn.
  • young innovators are intrinsically motivated.
  • Reformers can't have it both ways. If they want schools to develop the next Steve Jobs or J.J. Rowling, they have to let go of their obsession with test scores as indispensable evidence of quality education
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