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Glenn Hervieux

The BBC Flew a Drone Over Auschwitz - And the Result Is Haunting - Mic - 83 views

    "The BBC Flew a Drone Over Auschwitz - And the Result Is Haunting" - so many ways this could be used to evoke create responses from students - poetry, reflections, compare/contrast, etc.
Peter Beens

BBC News - Why is teaching so stressful? - 115 views

  • "When a teacher becomes highly stressed, then their capacity to manage the classroom and relationships is often impaired."
  • teaching is the most stressful occupation there is
  • About 80% of teachers complain about stress at work and thousands of teachers leave the profession every year - predominantly due to stress
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  • "In a classroom of 25 to 30 pupils, all with individual needs, you have to be on top of your game - particularly if you have a challenging class."
  • "In badly managed schools, head teachers are adding to the stress.
  • "Time away from the classroom is sometimes the best way to safeguard the well-being of individual teachers and prevent good teachers from leaving the profession altogether.
  • "Sickness absence decreases - and therefore standards of education for pupils improve - when schools implement meaningful policies that protect and enhance teachers' well-being."
s2 art

BBC - Newsbeat - Pupils 'bypassing school internet security' - 88 views

shared by s2 art on 14 Feb 10 - Cached
    Interesting article. Educators and parents should know about this.
    as indeed should; Mr Conroy
Stephanie Holt

The Oxford English Dictionary and its chief word detective - 17 views

    Valedictory article by retiring editor of the OED, which uses a range of brief case studies (pal, nachos, car etc) to illuminate the techniques of historical lexicography.
Clint Heitz

Teenagers and grammar | TeachingEnglish | British Council | BBC - 68 views

    Tips and links on how to teach teenagers grammar in a more engaging way.
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