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Randolph Hollingsworth

Pathfinders Game - Strategizing for College - IES Grant - 80 views

  • A combination of tools such as graphic novels, board games, and online games will be developed for middle school students.
  • The online version of the high school Pathfinder card game will have players guide a character through class Pathfinder activity selection, time management challenges, putting together application materials, Pathfinder acquiring the financial resources to afford college Pathfinder its related costs. Games are to take about a week to complete Pathfinder will require 5–10 minutes at a time to advance the game. The goal of the game is not only to be accepted but also to be able to afford Pathfinder be prepared to succeed at the player's college of choice. Students can repeat play the game using characters with different backgrounds.
    Bill Tierney at USC got over a million bucks to modify his card game called Pathfinders to an online version so it can be played on Facebook. "The intended audience is students with low-income backgrounds who are not aware of their postsecondary options Pathfinder who attend schools lacking strong college guidance counseling." Hope the players can cash in their winnings at a local casino Pathfinder get real money to pay for college! That would be even better!
Marc Patton

VREP - 42 views

    The Virtual Reality Education Pathfinder (VREP) is an educational initiative Pathfinder partnership between government, education, Pathfinder industry creating an ever-growing consortium of schools Pathfinder businesses committed to bringing a new kind of learning Pathfinder teaching to schools across the country.
Roland Gesthuizen

Pathfinders for Autism | Articles - 17 views

    "Autism can block, delay, or distort signals from any or all of the senses. It is difficult for people with autism to interact with other people through social activities and spoken communication. Pragmatic language skills, including gestures, facial expressions, body language, and other nonverbal communication, may also be impaired. Autism may also be associated with difficulties with learning, imagination, and reasoning. "
Has Slone

Medieval paper - 49 views

    • Has Slone
      Click on Medieval life and times to get into a good website.  I didn't have any luck with the larger one here.
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