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Martin Burrett

Studyladder - Games, Worksheets & Lesson Plans - 155 views

    This is a superb site with thousands of well designed cross curricular activities, whiteboard resources and videos to use in your class. Best of all, it is free for teachers.
Martin Burrett

Have Fun Teaching - 137 views

    A superb cross-curricular site brimming over with downloadable resources. Find reading comprehensions, flashcards, videos, educational songs, colouring pages, teaching tools and much more.
yessica vargh

Total English Book - Resourses - 8 views

    Total English Book Series by Jonathan Bygrave, Mark Foley, Diane Hall, Richard Acklam, Araminta Crace, Antonia Clare and J.J. Wilson. LongmanPearson. Find English Teaching resourses here.
Carol Mahoney

Moon_Worksheet - 4 views

    Printable moon calendar page either with month and year or blank. Include page of moon phases that can be cut out.
Mika Lathrop

AnxietyBC™ Brochures | Anxiety BC - 22 views

  • Resource Documents Links to Other Sites What is CBT Self Help - Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Personal Stories Seek Help
    • Mika Lathrop
      PDF handouts and and for coping with anxiety.
    • Mika Lathrop
      Links to videos and other resources for practicing calming strategies.
Christian King

Schools Resources | Sciences Schools' Resources - 20 views

    A fantastic free quarterly e-science education magazine and some school science resources from the University of Adelaide. The Magazine is available as a free iPad version which is excellent and includes class resources (videos, audio, and) to bring it into the classroom. Highly recommended.
H DeWaard

We Don't Need To Use Them, Even If They're There! | Living Avivaloca - 37 views

    This morning, I saw a tweet from HJ DeWaard: a teacher that I love learning with and from on Twitter. The moment I read the blog post, I knew what I would be writing about tonight. The truth is, in...
Martin Burrett

Mr Carter Maths - 24 views

    "An amazing collection of printable maths sheets, and questions/activities for the class whiteboard on a huge array of topics for all levels of schooling."
Caitlin Cahill

Rich Internet Applications from the Center for Language Education And Research (CLEAR) at Michigan State University - 66 views

    A collection of online tools geared toward language learning. The Conversations tool enables you to record questions for students to submit oral responses to online.
Ms. Nimz

Printable interactive 100 number chart worksheets- color number patterns 1-100 - 5 views

    The interactive hundreds chart is helpful when teaching the patterns in the chart, patterns in multiples, and in divisibility rules.
Sharin Tebo

Creative Educator - Build Thinking Skills with Informational Text Projects - 38 views

  • This informational text piece lends itself to having students create an associative letter project versus a traditional report. In an associative letter project, students are assigned a letter that they must use to find words representing the text they’ve just read. For example, “R is for the Montgomery Bus Boycott” might lead a student to choose words like race, rights, or Rosa as the focus of a variety of paragraphs that describe the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
    • Sharin Tebo
      I like this associative activity!
  • By providing students with meaningful, thought-provoking experiences, you can turn informational text study into an exercise in creative and critical thinking!
  • Informational text isn’t going to bring about the death of creativity; rather, creativity depends upon what we ask students to do with the text once they’ve read it. If we ask students to read a non-fiction passage then fill out a worksheet about the passage, we are missing a chance to provide our students with an opportunity to create imaginative, artistic end products demonstrating critical thinking skills hard at work.
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  • Grades 6-8 Exemplar Informational Text: Freedom Walkers, the Story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, by Russell Freedman Creative Thinking Approach: Associative Letter Project In Freedom Walkers,
Mika Lathrop

AnxietyBC - 6 views

    • Mika Lathrop
      Youth & Young Adults button leads to interactive web pages. Resources button leads to handouts and and. Also leads to links that teach relaxation strategies.
    Anxiety resources, including printable handouts, videos, etc.
Lisa C. Hurst

Reading Worksheets, Spelling, Grammar, Comprehension, Lesson Plans - - 148 views

shared by Lisa C. Hurst on 15 Oct 11 - Cached
    Free Reading Instruction Resources for Teachers and Parents
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