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Roland Gesthuizen

Technology Outlook > STEM+ Education STEM-2018 | The New Media Consortium - 57 views

    "The Technology Outlook for STEM+ Education STEM-2018: An NMC Horizon Project Sector Analysis was released as a collaborative effort ... This report will inform education leaders about significant developments in technologies supporting STEM+ (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education."
Sharin Tebo

Creative Educator - Connecting Curricula for Deeper Understanding - 34 views

  • Most schools will say that they want students to have an understanding of their world as a whole, but they seldom look at topics with an interdisciplinary focus. Why? It is easy to find reasons why this disjointed approach to learning happens: · Some argue that there is so much content and so many skills to be learned  in each discipline that they don’t have time to integrate subjects. · Others say that the each discipline has a body of knowledge and skills that  should stand on its own and not be muddied by the intrusion of other disciplines. · Secondary educators say that there is insufficient common planning time  to combine their efforts to teach an interdisciplinary course. · Still others say that the whole system is geared toward separate subjects  and to break out of this would require a monumental effort. · Others are guided by “the tests,” which are presented by separate disciplines.
  • The ultimate goal for the study of any subject is to develop a deeper understanding of its content and skills so that students can engage in higher-level thinking and higher- level application of its principles. When students dig deeper and understand content across several disciplines, they will be better equipped to engage in substantive discussion and application of the topic. They will also be better able to see relationships across disciplines.
  • They organize students into interdisciplinary teams and coordinate lessons so that what happens in math, science, language arts, and social studies all tie to a common theme. Many times these teachers team-teach during larger blocks of time. Advocates of this more holistic approach to curriculum argue that it helps students:
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  • Of course, digging deeper doesn’t fit well in the time frame that most schools use. It takes time to link content across several disciplines, and it may be difficult to squeeze a learning activity into a 40-minute period. To change the method of learning will mean changing more than the curricula. The school structure, including the schedule and methodology will also need to change.
  • To prepare our students for an integrated world, we need to break out of the separate-discipline mentality and develop more holistic and problem/project-based approaches. Many have tried to do this, and it isn’t easy.
    STEM and STEAM--challenge to aim for more integration cross-disciplines.
Brianna Crowley

This Year's MetLife Survey: Good News for Teacherpreneurs | transformED - 34 views

    How can education stem the rising tide of teacher dissatisfaction? Recent MetLife survey states it is down 23% since 2008. This post has some ideas. 
Randolph Hollingsworth

Bayer Facts of Science Education XVI: U.S. STEM workforce Shortage - Myth or Reality? - 14 views

    Survey of Fortune 1000 Talen Recruiters - Executive Summary, Oct 2013
Randolph Hollingsworth

Project Kaleidoscope and STEM | TIDES | Overview on AAC&U website - 7 views

    underrepresented minorities account for only 18% of the baccalaureate degrees in science and engineering (National Science Foundation, 2013). And despite the fact that women now outnumber men in college, between 2001 and 2010, the number of women earning baccalaureate degrees in computer science has decreased by 39%.
Maureen Greenbaum

Q&A with Freeman Hrabowski: UMBC carving a singular niche in cyber, STEM education - Baltimore Business Journal - 11 views

    broader a person's education, the stronger a person's thinking skills and ability to solve problems
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