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Mark Gleeson

How to: Inquiry | YouthLearn - 85 views

  • Before going to the kids, determine any preliminary factors or characteristics that must be true in order to achieve your larger goals or plans
  • Almost any topic can become the foundation for an inquiry-based project, even something as mundane as shoes,
    Steps to the Inquiry process
    Check this site out.... wonderful explanation on the Inquiry process.
    Interesting read on an inquiry model of learning. 
Matt Renwick

The Role of PBL in Making the Shift to Common Core | Edutopia - 3 views

    "Editor's note: John Larmer, Editor in Chief at the Buck Institute for Education (BIE), contributed to this post. The Common Core has embedded within it some Big Ideas that shift the role of teachers to curriculum designers and managers of an inquiry process. How can project-based learning (inquiry) help with this shift? "
Beverly Ozburn

Experts & NewBIEs | Bloggers on Project Based Learning: How does Edmodo support PBL? - 19 views

    • Beverly Ozburn
      What a great driving question!  Who wouldn't want to try to find the answer?
  • promote the 21st Century skill of communication
  • Students would not have been able to complete an in depth inquiry of the driving question without understanding the significant content.
  • ...2 more annotations...
    • Beverly Ozburn
      Understanding is required to complete the inquiry - can tell what students do and don't understand by reading what they write! 
    • Beverly Ozburn
      All this could be done without taking up valuable class time!
Jay Swan

Problem-based Learning in Science - 43 views

    From site: "The best way for students to learn science is to experience problems that challenge science, and the thought, habits of mind and actions associated with trying to solve them. This implies opportunities for authentic, inquiry-based learning. Problem-based learning (inquiry) is a powerful vehicle for this, in which a real-world problem becomes a context for students to investigate, in depth, what they need to know and want to know (Checkly, 1997). It is a robust, constructivist process, shaped and directed primarily by the student, with the instructor as metacognitive coach."
Mark Gleeson

What Is PBL Really? - 145 views

    Poses many questions to challenge your approach to project based  learning. Links to authoritative sources and presents continua to assess your approaches. 

What It Takes to Become an All Project-Based School | MindShift - 97 views

    A School goes all PBL
Holly Barlaam

CASES Online - 106 views

    Case studies from Emory University. CASES Online is a collection of inquiry-based lessons for K-12 and undergraduate students in exploring the science behind real-world problems. Cases are grounded in Problem-Based Learning (inquiry), Investigative Case-Based Learning (ICBL), and related student-centered pedagogies.
Roland Gesthuizen

Inquire Within | It's not about getting the right answers but rather, asking really good questions - 7 views

  • If we live in a collaborative world, why do we often wait until the work environment before we learn from others?  Why do teachers fight the system, or more likely just ignore it?
    How can we create the desire to inquire? That is a hard issue to grapple with (and worthy of much inquiry by educators), but I'm sure that: 1) it's not grades, and 2) there's no silver bullet to get students motivated to dig deeper and extend their own learning.  However, I think one great way to create deep motivation for some learners is encouraging them to leave a legacy.
Linda Lyster

Concept to Classroom: Course Menu - 80 views

    FREE, self-paced workshops covering a wide variety of hot topics in education including assessment, multiple intelligences, constructivism, inquiry-based learning, and cooperative learning.
Smith Shots

How to Write Effective Driving Questions for Project-Based Learning | Edutopia - 231 views

    This website points out the significance of having Driving Questions- DQ's. This helps focus the direct of the project. Good article.
Don Doehla

We Don't Like Projects - 95 views

    Reflections on student engagement in his/her own learning and inquiry.
Matt Renwick

Educational Leadership:Giving Students Meaningful Work:Seven Essentials for Project-Based Learning - 3 views

  • work as personally meaningful
  • fulfills an educational purpose
  • launching a project with an "entry event"
  • ...16 more annotations...
  • brainstorming possible solutions
  • Students created a driving question
  • clear, compelling language
  • provocative, open-ended, complex, and linked to the core
  • the more voice and choice, the better
  • learners can select what topic to study within a general driving question or choose how to design, create, and present products.
  • teams of three or four
  • In writing journals, students reflected on their thinking
  • collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and the use of technology
  • whole class generated a list of more detailed questions
  • raised and investigated new questions
  • To guide students in real inquiry, refer students to the list of questions they generated after the entry event.
  • value questioning, hypothesizing, and openness
  • nvited audience included parents, peers, and representatives of community, business, and government organizations
  • arrange for experts or adult mentors to provide feedback
  • extended process of inquiry, critique, and revision

Project Based Learning | BIE - 65 views

shared by anonymous on 02 Dec 10 - Cached
    In Project Based Learning (PBL), students go through an extended process of PBL in response to a complex question, problem, or challenge. Rigorous projects help students learn key academic content and practice 21st Century Skills (such as collaboration, communication & critical thinking). 
Allison Curran

HCESC Tech - PBLE ("pebble") - 5 views

    PBLE - a collection of suggested starter problems to assist in effective planning for problem based learning. Sorted by standards
Nigel Coutts

Why I built a wooden periodic table in my spare time. - 47 views

    Just over two years ago a group of teachers decided there Science Lab needed a signature piece to promote an interest in scientific inquiry. Inspired by a display at Questacon they embarked on a project to create a display to showcase the Periodic Table. After a three month journey into cabinetry and problem solving it is ready and this is the story of how it was made and why.
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