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Roland Gesthuizen

Education Week's Digital Directions: Schools Open Doors to Students' Mobile Devices - 44 views

    At Oak Hills High School in suburban Cincinnati, students returned from summer break to learn they were free not only to bring their mobile devices to school, but also to use them-at their teachers' discretion-to connect to the school's wireless network to do their work .. In Chicago, the Mikva Challenge's student-leadership branch suggested in an August report that the city's public schools allow students to use their own smartphones on campus for learning.
Steve Ransom

Teacher Magazine: Mr. Administrator, Tear Down This Firewall! - 62 views

    Great issues raised by both sides here
Sydney Lacey

Education Week: It's the Classroom, Stupid - 52 views

  • Without these instructional supports, expectations for teachers and students are unrealistic, and the system is set up for failure.
  • Instead, outside management systems and managers must be imported.
    Opinion article regarding school reform and how "instructional mismanagement" is often the elephant in the room.
Randy Schultz

Education Week: Solving Algebra on Smartphones - 22 views

    Use of technology for Math students
Deb White Groebner

Education Week: Does NCLB Promote Monolingualism? - 5 views

    By requiring all students to demonstrate what they have "learned" in multiple subject areas through standardized tests written in English, and by reducing resources for helping students become multilingual, the U.S. continues to build a wall between our nation and the global community.
    For our children's sake, we can't keep promoting the illusion that Americans are so superior to the rest of the world that we can or should insist that our way (language, culture, politics) is the best or only way. Within the context of our current standardized testing culture, common standards reinforce the fallacy that all children *should* learn (and are able to learn) the same things - and to the same level of performance - at a particular age.
Deb White Groebner

Education Week: Draft Common Standards Elicit Kudos and Criticism - 11 views

    • Deb White Groebner
      How are "higher expectations" defined and measured? That's right - standardized tests. Despite the rhetoric about diverse "curriculum opportunities," success/performance is still measured by "matching exams."
  • higher expectations
  • Teacher Input Requested
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  • good technical writing
Deb White Groebner

Education Week: Will We Ever Learn? - 37 views

  • All students should master a verifiable set of skills, but not necessarily the same skills. Part of the reason high schools fail so many kids is that educators can’t get free of the notion that all students—regardless of their career aspirations—need the same basic preparation. States are piling on academic courses, removing the arts, and downplaying career and technical education to make way for a double portion of math. Meanwhile, career-focused programs, such as Wisconsin’s youth apprenticeships and well-designed career academies, are engaging students and raising their post-high-school earnings, especially among hard-to-reach, at-risk male students.
  • Maintaining our one-size-fits-all approach will hurt many of the kids we are trying most to help. Maybe that approach, exemplified in the push for common standards, will simply lead to yet more unmet education goals. But it won’t reduce, and might increase, the already high rate at which students drop out of school, or graduate without the skills and social behaviors required for career success.
    Well-written commentary for anyone interested in the impact of Common Core Standards. "What's Wrong With the Common-Standards Project" "We need rigorous but basic academics, homing in on skills that will be used, and not short-shrifting the "soft skill" behaviors that lead to success in college and careers. The management guru Peter Drucker got it right: "The result of a school is a student who has learned something and puts it to work 10 years later."
Thomas M Absalom

Education Week: Study Finds Social-Skills Teaching Boosts Academics - 21 views

    Whole Child
Peter Beens

Education Week: 'Curriculum' Definition Raises Red Flags - 36 views

    Calls for shared curriculum for the common standards have triggered renewed debates about who decides what students learn, and even about varied meanings of the word "curriculum," adding layers of complexity to the job of translating the broad learning goals into classroom teaching.
Erik Stafford

Education Week: Realizing the Promise of New Education Technologies - 31 views

  • A Web-browser-based tutoring platform called ASSISTments. Developed at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, ASSISTments, as its name suggests, performs tasks that extend the teacher’s reach in and beyond the classroom. As it generates sets of practice math problems geared to a range of skills, ASSISTments provides hints to students when they cannot answer problems correctly and then furnishes teachers with updated assessments of each student’s progress, as well as aggregated data on the entire class’s performance. The system prompts students to describe the logic they employed in answering specific problems, and teachers can communicate weekly or even daily with parents about their children’s work.
Trevor Grimes

Education Week: Data Tools Aim to Predict Student Performance - 47 views

    Great read
Trevor Grimes

Education Week: Battle for Whiteboard-Market Supremacy Heats Up - 2 views

  • "There's still a place for the main focus of the class to be on a shared screen, whether that's an IWB [interactive whiteboard], an interactive monitor, or whatever," says Danny Nicholson, the author of The Whiteboard Blog, in an email.
    Whiteboards in the classroom
Philip Pulley

Education Week: School Administrators Seen to Embrace New Digital Devices - 1 views

    • Philip Pulley
      Ours use them, often school provided/paid for. We will be in the top 15% next year by providing laptops?
    • Philip Pulley
      Or do we the administrators get the best "toys" first. Shouldn't these be in the hands of the teachers to make changes in how they teach so that the learning experiences can be improved FOR THE STUDENTS?
    High tech use by administrators, more than general public.
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