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Martin Burrett

BBC - Primary History - Anglo-Saxons - 56 views

    A well made Primary history site from the BBC about the Anglo Saxons.
Martin Burrett

Primary School History - 2 views

    Someone has put a lot of love into this great history site. Find child-friendly content about the Tutors, Anglo-saxon, Romans, Victorians and many more.
Keicha Kempsey

Beowulf: An Anglo-Saxon Epic Poem - 26 views

  • Spear-Danes’
    • Keicha Kempsey
      The Spear-Danes are the Scyldings (Hrothgar's tribe)--central characters in Beowulf. They are variously referred to as Beorht-Dene (Bright-Danes), Éast-Dene (East-Danes), Gár-Dene (Spear-Danes), Hring-Dene (Ring-Danes), Norð-Dene (North-Danes), Súð-Dene (South-Danes), West Dene (West Danes), Scyldings (after their eponymous founder) and Ingwine (lit. 'friends of Ing [=OE. Frea / ON. Freyr ]')
  • Beowulf
    • Keicha Kempsey
      This is a different Beowulf from the eponymous hero of the poem. This is Béowulf Scyldinga or Béowulf the Dane, presumably equivalent to Beow(a) or Béaw of the geneaologies:-- the Parker MS of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle has Beaw as the son of Scyld.
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