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Ed Webb

Dickinson College - Dickinson's 'Manhattan Project' - 14 views

  • Gil Sperling ’77, senior advisor for policy and programs at the U.S. Department of Energy, noted the urgency of creating a curriculum steeped in sustainability theory and practice. “We need to create incentives for teachers to take risks,” he said. “We’re at a tipping point [with climate change]. We do not have the luxury of open-ended debate. I've had 30 years [to work on this issue.] The kids graduating today don’t have that luxury.”
  • “Green as a simple concept has a short life, and society is evolving to see sustainability as a complex set of relationships,” said Thom Wallace ’99, communications director for the National Congress of American Indians. “Dickinson is really at the forefront of charting and understanding the complexities of sustainability.”
  • Rick Shangraw ’81, vice president for research and economic affairs at Arizona State University, noted that Dickinson is in an ideal position to shape national discourse. “We should spend time discussing the meaning of sustainability,” he said. “We can be a leader in defining it.”
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  • Watch the Sustainability Symposium video or read Dickinson Magazine’s sustainability issue.
Kit Hard

741 - 13 views

    Get Windows7 for 29.99 if you have a valid .edu e-mail address
Ed Webb

Will $99 Moby tablet swim or sink? | - 35 views

  • In Turkey we are about to start 1 to 1 netbook for 15.000.000 students with $ 7 per month installments for 36 months through credit cards. I knew technology would change until we complete to provide 15.000.000 netbooks. So I will write to Marvel. We can finance them, we can buy the first 1.000.000 netbooks at $ 120 per piece. I hope quality and functions are as they say . Hurra, education complainers. It is time to go online courses for 60 million USA K12 students. You have no excuse now.
  • We have dealt with Tablet PC before in one of our Smart School initiatives here in Malaysian and I must say the Moby Tablet is quite impressive.
Sandy Wenzel

Normal 0 - 10 views

In the area of pre-training I could only locate one source that I felt worthy of using. It is called Guided Discovery DVD and can be seen at It provided...

8847_ pre-training

started by Sandy Wenzel on 16 Jan 11 no follow-up yet
Larry Carver

Boinx Software - Enjoy your Life. - 17 views

shared by Larry Carver on 08 Jul 11 - Cached
    Currently running a sale on the Mac Apps Store. several applications, PhotoPresenter, Mousepose are $0.99 and iStopMotion, PhotoMagico are $9.99. The deal is good until the Lion comes out.
Marcia Jensen

Diagrammer - 69 views

    Part of the Duarte website, Diagrammer is a visualization system, scientifically designed with your info in mind. Find the perfect diagram and download the PowerPoint-ready file for just $0.99.
Randolph Hollingsworth

Sloan-C Webinar Recordings | The Sloan Consortium - 26 views

    includes intro to teaching online, Social Tech for Faculty Comm and Collab, and other free recordings - the rest cost $99 for non-members: parents and online learning; Google Tools;
Glenn Hervieux

Amplify Tablet for K-12 Education - 4 views

    Amazing tablet for education - making digital learning & use of curated resources/tools an integral part of the device. Pricing currently @$299/device plus $99 annual fee. Great management/deployment capabilities. Definitely worth looking at.
Glenn Hervieux

Explain a Website - iPad screen recording & annotation app - 158 views

    iPad screen recording and annotation app - 99 cents
Judy Robison

Free Practice Tests - Varsity Tutors - 44 views

    Assessment | News Varsity Tutors Debuts Free Test Question Site By Dian Schaffhauser 11/07/13 Varsity Tutors, a providor of private tutoring to students online, has launched a new, free service with the intention of becoming the "Khan Academy" of practice tests. The company has introduced a Web-based assessment system intended to replace other forms of educational content such as SAT or ACT preparation books or online subscriptions to assessment materials. Varsity Learning Tools, as it's called, makes hundreds of free practice tests available in 95 subjects. Currently in open beta testing, the site lists assessment tests by subject and allows the user to choose to answer a single test, flashcards, or a question of the day. Each question can be shared through social network services. When the student answers it, a second page displays with an assessment and explanation and data on how much time was spent on the question, and how many others answered it correctly." (Read more at

Sorting, Labeling & Matching iPad Games - Learning in Hand - 30 views

    iPad app where teachers can create interactive puzzles for practice and review. $2.99
Brianna Crowley

Is Common Core the Enemy of Autonomy? - Teaching for Triumph: Reflections of a 21st-Century ELL Teacher - Education Week Teacher - 35 views

    An elementary teacher in a 99% school elaborates on how the CCSS can improve the current system that we have.

Media and Technology Resources for Educators | Common Sense Media - 15 views

  • gital driver's license
  • with complete confidence. Our online trainings show you how. More about parent professional development Research Credentials Check out our DNA. Our programs are built on respected digital ethics research. More about parent research credentials Turn wired students into great digital citizens Get all the tools you need with our FREE Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum and Parent Media Education Program. The relevant, ready-to-use instruction helps you guide students to make safe, smart, and ethical decisions in the digital world where they live, study and play. Every day, your students are tested with each post, search, chat, text message, file download, and profile update. Will they connect with like minds or spill ... read more Get started Browse our classroom lessons and parent education resources by grade level or topical area. select gradeK123456789101112 select topicCell phones & digital communicationCyberbullying & online relationshipsDigital creation, plagiarism & piracyFamily media managementGaming & online worldsInternet safetyMedia's influence on kidsOnline privacy and securityOnline research & learningSocial networking & communityViolence in media Get Started Educator Updates Common Sense announces di gital driver's license Common Sense Media announced plans to create a digital driver’s license, an interactive online game that will teach kids the basics of how to be safe and responsible in a digital world. Read more about our plans for interactive curriculum modules
    Digital citizenship curriculum targets 4th, 5th graders
    Lesson plans, articles, and tools to teach Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety
    Internet safety FREE curriculum and implementation guides. The site has admin, teacher, and student resources. Digital Passport is one of the Internet Safety programs available.
Jon Tanner

ISTE's NETS*S Curriculum Planning Tool - 122 views

    Awesome! A tool from ISTE to help those of us developing curriculum to embed NETS in our current curriculum, add activities, and look for evidence that students understand and can demonstrate proficiency in the NETS.
    This is exactly what I was looking for.
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