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Dear Karl, Scott, Daniel, and John : The Future You Predicted Seems Right On Schedule |... - 40 views

    Thoughtful post by Pam Moran on the skills and competencies our students need for future success. In it, she argues that the future is now and that we, as educators, need to rethink and redesign how we prepare students for their future. Must read.

This IS the Plate: School-Wide Goals for Learning at Curtis School | - 2 views

    This IS the Plate by Chris Thinnes. An excellent reminder of what our purpose is.

Pas de Deux: Chris Thinnes on Public & Private School Partnerships - EdLeader21 - 0 views

  • Jeff Weaver, the dynamic superintendent of the Upper Arlington City School District in Ohio, was planning to unveil the district’s vision for 21st century learners … at the first district leadership meeting of the year. So he had the vision statement printed on adhesive-backed vinyl, purchased a hundred inexpensive dinner plates, and affixed a copy of the vision to each of the plates. At that first district meeting, Weaver asked for the plates to be passed out to the district’s leaders, then stood at the lectern and said something like this: “The last few years, whenever I talk to you about 21st century skills — about the importance of creativity, collaboration, critical thought, and all the other proficiencies that phrase implies — you remind me how much we’re already trying to accomplish. You tell me, ‘I would grapple with this,  and make it work — but there is so little time, and there is already so much on our plate.’ You ask me, ‘How can we make room for this on our plate?’ . . . And so, I am letting you know you today that, moving forward, this is the plate. . .“
    "This is the plate" -- I love it! 

Schooling for Economics, or Citizenship? | educarenow - 22 views

    Contrast of economic and citizenship rationales for schooling.

20/20 technology vision | SmartBlogs SmartBlogs - 33 views

  • a vision for the future is important to allow for planning. I’m starting to see school districts make purchases without establishing a long-term vision, and that is a recipe for disaster and wasted dollars.
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