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Elizabeth Resnick

iOS 7 Leaves Older iPhones And iPads Out Of The Fun | TechCrunch - 82 views

    Includes chart with iOS 7 compatibility with current apple devices
Jonathan Wylie

What's New in Apple's iOS 5? - 84 views

    iOS 4 was an incredibly popular mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. In fact is was so popular that it had a big impact on the design for Apple's latest OS X 10.7. So, can iOS 5 have the same impact? Let's find out.
Trevor Cunningham

Tony Vincent's Learning in Hand - Blog - Wireless Mirroring from iPad to PC Now a Reality with AirServer - 16 views

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  • AirServer offer a 7 day trial period, though you will have to allow the developer to post on your Facebook wall. Standard and student licensing costs are very reasonable and can be installed on up to 5 machines. 
    Wireless Mirroring from iPad to PC Now a Reality with AirServer
Kate Pok

Workflowy, example of bad productivity app and 7 features that would make it awesome - 3 views

    • Kate Pok
      I also agree with most of these needed features.
  • Here is the list of things that every productivity application should have: Integration with iCal / Google Calendar - for those who rely on Google SMS texts as reminders Powerful search – so I don’t have to waste time looking for the things that I need Available on all platforms (Mac, PC, Android, iOS, Black Berry…) – so if I change the device, I don’t need to be left apart Sharing options (Facebook, Twitter, @mail) – so I can share my thoughts with my friends without writing it twice and copy pasting Tagging – so we can organize ourselves better Reminders – so we can setup alarms without finding the native app Offline access – so we don’t have to rely on internet in order for our system to work.
    But I have to admit, I LOVE WORKFLOWY
    While this site lists some of the limitations of Workflowy, I have to admit I LOVE workflowy
gaby eyzaguirre

Sketchpad 3.7 - Draw, Create, Share! - 65 views

    Online drawing webtool. Lots of tools and features. Great for drawings that demonstrate content knowledge. Save and download to use in other documents or as a stand alone picture.
    Allows for digital art creations similar to (the idea not the tool) KidPix, there are all sorts of brushes, stickers, text etc. No login required allows student to save work
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