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Martin Burrett

LiveMinutes - Web Conferencing - 91 views

    A brilliant, 'must try' web tool for group to text/voice chat, with a collaborative whiteboard, document viewer and more, all in real time. I'm really loving this tool at the moment for joint language lessons with my school's Chinese partner school. No sign in require, however register for free for extra features.
Martin Burrett

DocsPal - Free online file Converter and Viewer - 106 views

    A lovely site to convert documents and view them online without any Office software on your computer.
Steve Ransom

Google Docs - Viewer - 0 views

    Nice for embedding pdf or PPT files on your webpage, or providing a link to the file that can be viewed right in the browser. However, the document must be uploaded somewhere online first - must have a URL to access it.
Martin Burrett

MiceMeeting - 32 views

    A useful site that allow you to upload text files, images, PDFs, Microsoft Office and other files and view them in real time with other people on the web. Each user's mouse cursor can be seen on the viewer and you can communicate using the chat tool. No sing up or log in required and you share and gain access to the file with a url link.
Kate Pok

2 Ways To Annotate Your PDF Files Online - 180 views

    • Kate Pok
      Coollaborative PDF annotation solution for students?
  • What makes it stand out from the other PDF annotators in this list is that it allows you to share your marked-up PDF file with a shortened link, and even with embed codes! Once you share it, you can choose to let your viewers add comments to your document. The other unique feature is that you can collaborate with others so you can all view and annotate the file together, even if you’re in remote locations. You can then see all of the changes made to the document in a sidebar. Crocodoc allows you to download the original file as well as the annotated version, which you can view in Sumatra, Evince or your favorite PDF reader, with annotations and all.
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